A special pictorial for the pioneers

Wilhelmsen Ship Management's first company was incorporated on 27 August 1975 in Hong Kong and was then named Barber Ship Management Limited (BSM), Hong Kong. Here are some precious photographs taken since 1975.
BSM entrance

Entrance to the Hong Kong office situated on 3rd Floor, Melbourne Plaza Central.

Inauguration flowers

Flowers received for the inauguration on 1 October 1975.

Inauguration party 1

Inauguration party: Captain John Fr. Pedersen (seated second from left) was the first Director of BSM. The other gentleman is Per Holst, Executive of Barberlines Hong Kong.

Inauguration party 2

Inauguration party: Amarjit S. Vijan (standing, second from left) was the
General Manager of BSM Hong Kong from 1975. He then became Managing
Director from 1984-1995.

1st anni BSM
1st anni BSM cake

The first anniversary of BSM Hong Kong was a simple ceremony with a cake.

5th anni BSM

The fifth anniversary milestone was celebrated with a dinner. Addressing the invitees was Captain John Fr. Pedersen (standing). Knut S. Berentson (man with red tie), Executive of Barberlines Hong Kong, was also present.

BSM office 1986

How a typical day looked like back in 1986.


The teletext machine was the way to communicate then.

BSM meeting room

Meeting room where decisions were made.


Barber Ship Management (BSM) Hong Kong’s Board of Directors taken in 1993 at the Wilh. Wilhelmsen (WW) Headquarters in Roald Amundsens gate 5, Oslo, Norway. (L-R) Managing Director of BSM Hong Kong Amarjit S. Vijan, Chief Finance Officer of WW Sjur Galtung, President of Barber International Svein Sorlie, former Managing Director of BSM Oslo Erik Kruse, Managing Director of Barwil HK Knut Berentson, and Marketing Director of Barber International Petter Larsen.


45 years of ship management

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