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  • Wilhelmsen and Rainmaking Innovation join forces to accelerate and scale maritime ventures

    Matching Wilhelmsen’s maritime expertise and product development know-how with Rainmaking’s proven track record in entrepreneurship and venture building, the new partnership aims to spin-out and scale-up existing innovative solutions researched and developed by Wilhelmsen with potential to scale across the industry. Wilhelmsen’s innovative, Digi Boiler is the first project to benefit from this collaboration.

  • WM1-2019 Read

    WManager 1-2019

    Wilhelmsen Ship Management's in-house magazine

  • Gibraltar Maritime Week SUNBORN GIBRALTAR 35 Ocean Village Promenade Gibraltar, GX11 1AA

    Wilhelmsen's Ships Agency at Gibraltar Maritime Week 2019

    Displaying the capabilities of Gibraltar's thriving maritime sector, Gibraltar Maritime Week provides the opportunity for like-minded leaders of the industry to congregate and develop crucial new trading relationships while addressing major issues, including IMO2020 in the changing landscape of the international shipping realm.

  • Digi boiler

    Wilhelmsen’s automated boiler water maintenance solution - Digi Boiler receives DNV GL AIP

    Granted an “Approval in Principle” (AIP), DNV GL and Wilhelmsen are currently working together towards a full type approval for the smart boiler water dosing system. Wilhelmsen also plans to qualify as an approved service supplier (AoSS) as part of the class society’s unique boiler monitoring (BMON) programme.

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  • 800 x 450 LNG truck

    China: LNG trucks

    With the National “VI Emissions Standard (Phase 1)” coming into effect in China as of the 1st April, Chinese truck manufacturers do not seem to be slowing down with their LNG revolution!

    Wilhelmsen insights |
    Jason Hawkins , Strategic Sales Director

  • shutterstock_740820532_ed

    Smarter Sewage Treatment with Probiotic Cleaners

    Regulations for the prevention of pollution by sewage were laid down in Annex IV of MARPOL. This article will explore the features of probiotic cleaners, their uses and how they aid the treatment of waste aboard ships.

    Wilhelmsen insights |
    Vishal Kapoor , Product Marketing Manager - Cleaning

  • 800 x 450 China Hunger

    China: Hunger for Cleaner Energy

    China's drive for cleaner energy has pushed for an increase in the number of LNG terminals. With the shift from coal to LNG use, China has experienced greater cost-savings.

    Wilhelmsen insights |
    Jason Hawkins , Strategic Sales Director

  • AI girl

    Data automation to deliver greater customer experience

    The journey to an ideal world of efficiency begins with small steps. Wilhelmsen Ship Management (WSM)’s incremental step towards operational efficiency through data automation.

    Wilhelmsen insights |
    Daniel Reinsborg , Vice President - Finance

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