Our Policies

At Wilhelmsen Ship Management, we are committed to conducting business with integrity and purpose. Our policies sets us on the right path in how we operate and delivering our commitment to our stakeholders.

The policies encompass the way we work to the people we serve, from the performance of our services to our respect for the planet.

  • Our Vision

    Shaping the maritime industry through delivering unparalleled customer experiences, continuously developing highly valuable solutions, and focusing on constantly developing our people, we position ourselves at the forefront of competence, sustainability and innovation.

  • People Policy

    Wilhelmsen Ship Management is an equal opportunity employer. It is our policy to ensure we provide an engaging and safe work environment where equal opportunities are available for all. In doing this, we shall comply with all applicable regulations and policies, secure equal treatment and non-discrimination, have zero tolerance towards bullying and harassment and safeguarding employee confidentiality and personal data in accordance to applicable laws.

  • Sustainable Policy

    The purpose of our sustainable policy is to ensure we continue to shape the maritime industry and enable sustainable global trade through profitable growth in a sustainable and compliant way.

Operational Policies

  • Cyber Security Policy

    We manage cyber security through a systematic approach, measuring and monitoring our cyber maturity. It is our policy to build and maintain an adequate level of cyber resilience. Each employees is responsible to comply and uphold their responsibility for cyber security.

  • Drug and Alcohol Policy

    It is our policy to establish procedures and guidelines to direct all employees ashore and on ship to recognize their role in the safe and controlled use of alcohol and drugs on board ships.

  • Environmental Protection Policy

    We acknowledge our responsibility to the environment, and express commitment towards implementing practices which will promote environmental sustainability. It is our policy to implement and continually improve sound practices that reduces environmental risks.

  • HR and Occupational Health Policy

    It is our policy to be recognized as a health and wellbeing conscious company. The company has established procedures and guidelines to promote environment that allows healthy and competent employees to thrive.

  • Safety and Quality Policy

    Providing safe and high-quality ship management services is a priority of the company. It is our policy to have management systems and operating procedures that meets safety and quality excellence.

  • Security Policy

    Wilhelmsen Ship Management provides a secure working environment to prevents acts which endangers the security of personnel and Company vessels. It is our policy to have established procedures and guidelines to maintain required security measures.

  • Social Media Policy

    This policy encompasses users of social media, who should remain productive and avoid damaging our organization reputation in any way whether you are handling a corporate account or using one of your own.

  • Supplier Code of Conduct

    The Supplier Code of Conduct (“SCoC”) describes the standard of business ethics applicable for all suppliers in their business relationship with Wilhelmsen. Suppliers include any legal entity or person that provides products or services requested by Wilhelmsen.

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  • Procurement Policy

    We are committed to protecting the environment and doing business with ethically and socially responsible suppliers. To this end, we place clear responsibilities on suppliers to comply with our minimum requirements on the following areas : applicable business ethics and law, our code of conduct, all applicable child labour and human rights laws, all health and safety rules including SHE guidelines.

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  • Code of Conduct

    Doing the right things the right way is the foundation of our governing elements and culture, and we have the same expectation of our partners and suppliers. The purpose of our code of conduct is to describe our business ethics standards encompassing these areas Compliance with the law, fair business conduct, financial offerings, gift and entertainment, corruption and bribery, working environment, drugs and alcohol, conflict of interest, external engagement, confidential information and insider dealing.

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  • Anti-Corruption

    We follow internationally recognised guidelines in our anti-corruption work, such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and UK Bribery Act 2010. Our anti-corruption efforts are based on six principles critical to secure our employees active participation: Top-level Commitment, Proportionate Procedures, Risk Assessment, Communication including training, Due Diligence, Monitoring and Review.

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  • Wilhelmsen whistleblowing channel

    The whistleblower channel provides all employees and external stakeholders with a secure channel to report violations of laws, our governing elements and internal policies.

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