Dry Docking

Predictable and hassle free solution for dry dockings - we deliver standardised and efficient ships agency services to ensure your dry docking requirements and schedules are met, avoiding delays and minimising unexpected cost.

Choosing a reliable agent is key to optimize the process and avoid conflicting interests between yard and ship owner. The scope of work involved in a dry-docking is complex and involves liaising with various parties - the ship agent has to establish good relations with the relevant Dry-docks. In addition, a ship agent has to liaise with all the concerned authorities, and suppliers and service providers, well before vessel arrival to ensure smooth operations.

Ship Agent - Dry Docking

Providing attention to detail every step of the way

We meet your needs through one simple solution and one single point of contact:

  • Consistent quality, availability and pricing
  • Clear and continuous communication
  • Transparent cost control and thorough follow-up
  • No administrative hassles –we are on time and in control

01 Planning

During pre-arrival planning, we draw out the scope of the dry-docking process with you.

Our dry-docking service standards Work Scope in Arrival Phase
  • Close 3 hours response time on any enquiry or appointment, 24 hours seven days a week
  • When nominated: OFAC check must be conducted prior to accepting appointment according to SOO requirements
  • Appointment must include all relevant details on the services and scope of work required during docking
  • Dry-docking agent must establish contact with Owners representative and with appointed dry-docking management


  • Discuss work scope and provide specific information and knowledge about dock/yard
  • Advise on rules and regulations
  • Arrange for arrival, accommodation and departure
  • Coordinate booked services
  • Provide service of safety equipment and fire fighting systems
  • Handle spare parts, including sourcing, custom clearance, and storage

02 Arrival

During your arrival at port, we set a work plan of action for your dry docking.

Our dry-docking service standards Work Scope in Planning Phase


  • Pre-arrival information to contain full details of dry-dock and other relevant local information
  • Information regarding expected delays, ISPS, emergency contact details, laws and regulations to be sent to customer and vessel
  • Close communication with Owners Superintendent and relevant parties regarding foreseen and unforeseen deviation from ETB


  • Provide all agency services required for client in port and in dry-dock
  • Run inventory planning and provision of your clients consumables and spares
  • Provide safety equipment for personal protection
  • Provide local technical expertise
  • Handle of your clients crew and personnel on arrival
  • Conduct pre-operations meeting to align work scope and time plan

03: Dry Docking

During the dry docking process at the dock, coordination and communication is absolutely critical.

Our dry-docking service standards Work Scope in Dry Docking Phase


  • Agent must board vessel on vessels arrival at the dock as well as minimum twice a day
  • Additional DA expenses incurred must be discussed and approved by Master and Superintendent
  • Relevant stakeholders must be informed immediately on any emergencies, delays or any urgent matters –never delay communications on such matters


  • Coordinate services beyond the yard’s capability
  • Provide onsite technical and administrative support
  • Safe keep, storage, and deliver your clients consumables and spares
  • Carry out and coordinate necessary system and equipment inspections

04: Departure

During your departure from the dock, we arrange all agency services to ensure your safe departure.

Our dry-docking service standards Work Scope in Departure Phase


  • Departure Report to be sent via the OS within 3 hour of departure from dry dock
  • SOF and relevant documents must be sent via the OS within 3 hours on the same day seven days a week


  • Arrange all agency services necessary for your clients vessel departure
  • Administer the departure of your clients site team and crew and ensure all practicalities are solved
  • Support last minute replenishment of clients vessel
  • Provide global after sales service support

05 Evaluation after dry-docking period

We will always:

  • Hold evaluation meeting with agent and superintendent after completion of dry-docking
  • Resolve uncertainties and answer any questions that have arisen
  • Identify areas for improvement

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