WilNor Governmental Services

WilNor Governmental Services AS is a special purpose company controlled by Wilh. Wilhelmsen Holding ASA, and provides military logistics services in Norway and internationally. The scope of service in general mirrors the logistics needs of air, sea and land forces in preparation, deployment and in operations.

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    Host nation support

    As a NATO member Norway hosts exercises to test and train the readiness to plan and conduct defense operations. In collaboration with the Norwegian Armed Forces, WGS provides logistics support to participating nations for these exercises. During the latest exercise Trident Juncture in 2018, WGS and its suppliers organised transport, built camps and supported Allied forces with food and equipment.

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    Host Nation Ordering and Billing

    The unique Host Nation Ordering and Billing System (HOBS) was developed in collaboration with the Norwegian Armed Forces for use in host nation support. Using a web-based platform to streamline a previously complicated process, HOBS has ensured efficiency and transparency for all parties before, during and after an operation.

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    Container Solutions

    WilNor Governmental Services stores, distributes and reconditions pre-packed containers for the Norwegian Home Guard. The ready-to-use containers are strategically positioned throughout Norway. This way, WGS can help the Home Guard reduce response time, increase durability on its missions and recondition equipment afterwards.

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    Olavsvern is a unique asset for WGS in the Arctic region, located not far from the Norwegian city of Tromsø. The custom built, one of a kind, NATO military base was decommissioned in 2009 and sold to private investors in 2013. Now offering a range of logistics services to Norwegian, and allied armed forces for amphibious training and support of vessels, the base consists of a 25 000 square meters mountain complex.

Latest news

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    WilNor acquires the Norwegian military naval base Olavsvern

    WilNor Governmental Services AS (WGS), through its subsidiary company WGS Properties AS, has acquired 66% of the shares in the Olavsvern Group AS. WGS, a Wilhelmsen group company is a key logistics partner for the Norwegian armed forces and allied NATO forces. This acquisition enables WGS to provide an even broader range of services to military partners.

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