Special ships and projects

Wilhelmsen Ship Management is known for being skilled with handling unique requirements and navigating all vessel types. Here are a few of the past and present special marine assignments.

  • Sea launch

    Sea Launch project

    Sea Launch is a spacecraft launch service using mobile maritime launch. Wilhelmsen Ship Management is commissioned on-demand to steer the purpose-built ship ACS Sea Launch Commander and Launch Platform Odyssey to complete the mission for launches at sea.


    Big Orange XVIII

    Big Orange was the world’s largest well stimulation vessel built by Ulstein for Wilhelmsen Offshore Services. It was designed for stimulation and the was first well stimulation vessel built in Norway. Back in the days, the vessel was considered highly complex and required very skilled crew to operate her. This year, Big Orange turns 36 and she is still working beautifully under our management.

  • Nexans Skagerrak

    Nexans Skagerrak

    Nexans Skagerrak, a cable laying vessel built in 1976, was at that time, the most powerful cable laying vessel in the world. Managing this first purpose-built ship specially built to transport and install submarine high-voltage power cables was one of the greatest achievements to Wilhelmsen Ship Management.

  • The World 3

    The World

    Wilhelmsen Ship Management truly had The World in our hands. Unlike any other cruise ships, The World is the largest private residential floating resort and homes only 165 residences. It was truly memorable to operate the most exclusive floating city.

  • Dolwin Beta

    DolWin Beta project

    DolWin Beta is a floating offshore converter platform that receives AC power generated from offshore wind farms and converts the power to DC for export to the shore side power network. Wilhelmsen Ship Management was commissioned for a year-long maritime operations of this world's largest offshore wind power platform.

  • GPO

    GPO vessels

    Wilhelmsen Ship Management claimed a couple of advanced asset types in our portfolio of high-end segments by adding the most technologically advanced heavy lift vessel in the world. GPO Grace and GPO Amethyst are semi-submersible heavy lift vessels with full dynamic positioning two (DP2) capability and cargo decks enforced to carry loads up to 30 tonnes per sqm. Their main decks can be submerged to a depth of 15m.

  • FSRU Turquoise

    FSRU Turquoise

    Wilhelmsen Ship Management was chosen as the technical manager for Pardus Energy's new Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) named “Turquoise”. It solidified our status in the gas segment as a very reliable and skilled partner capable of handling the intricacies of such asset and value.

  • Yara B

    YARA Birkeland

    The world’s first fully electric and autonomous container ship with zero emissions, YARA Birkeland, will be managed by Massterly, the world's first autonomous shipping company jointly established by Wilhelmsen Ship Management and Kongsberg. The virtual bridge is based at our Oslo office. Operations are scheduled for this year.

45 years of ship management

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