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Wilhelmsen is a ship manager which excels in delivering competent vessel management and marine services to the maritime industry. Our people are the reason for our success. With skilled hands both on shore and on board, we are committed to delivering the best ship management services.

  • Technical Management

    We strive to deliver seamless management of vessel operations through efficiency in a strong workplace safety culture. Our proven track record is driven by competent people, established processes and technology.

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  • Crew Management

    Our pool of competent seafarers are people with talent and ambitions. With a global network of manning offices and training center, our crew management services can effectively meet your crewing needs.

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  • OPEX Management

    Our objective is to deliver high vessel performance while maintaining an optimal OPEX. We take the proactive approach in vessel OPEX monitoring, purchasing and spending intelligence to achieve cost savings.

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  • Auxiliary Ship Services

    As a ship manager providing a comprehensive service, we are specialists in asset management. We have the right expertise to assist you in your fleet development plans.

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  • Our People

    People are our greatest asset. Meet our people driving the commitment to deliver the best ship management experience. We deliver solid vessel performance backed by a strong workplace safety culture and OPEX control

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  • Sustainability

    As a full-service ship management company, we are not only committed to delivering high performance but one that is operating responsibly to protect our planet and empower people around the world.

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Services in demand

  • Ship Inspection Services_2

    Ship Inspection

    With over three decades of experience, our team has a strong passion for delivering the finest ship inspection experience to our customers.

  • HHI

    Newbuilding Supervision

    Full project management of a vessel newbuilding from yard evaluation to delivery.

  • LNG listing

    LNG Vessel Management

    We provide comprehensive LNG technical management solutions to a growing fleet of your modern LNG.

  • WSM LPG night sail

    LPG Vessel Management

    With over 25 years of experience in managing LPG vessels and ships, we are the specialist in LPG vessel management.

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    Vetting Inspection: Safeguarding Maritime Operations

    Amidst this maritime hustle, the role of vetting inspection emerges as a silent guardian, a mechanism that goes beyond mere scrutiny. The compass guides potential charterers through the sea of options, helping them find the ship that sails optimally.

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    Wilhelmsen Ship Management

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    RightProc - The Right Way for your Maritime Procurement Solutions

    We understand the challenges faced by maritime companies in adapting to the evolving regulatory landscape. We are committed to providing our clients with comprehensive solutions that not only ensure compliance but also drive cost savings and enhance ESG performance.

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    Wilhelmsen Ship Management

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    WManager 2-2023

    Wilhelmsen Ship Management's in-house magazine

Seafarer Recruitment

If you're ready to embark on a rewarding career in the maritime industry, look no further than Wilhelmsen. By joining our team, you'll not only gain access to our extensive expertise but also have the opportunity to carve your career path and unlock your true potential. Join Wilhelmsen today and set sail towards a prosperous future!

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As the leading provider of ship management services, we operate from eight locations around the world, servicing ship owners globally. Let us handle the vessel complexities while you focus on your core business. Contact us today and take the first step to the ship and vessel management system and a range of related services that meet high service quality.

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