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Built to last

New-building processes can be both challenging and time-consuming, especially in today's context. From brainstorming an idea to the actual ship design, from the first cutting of the steel plates to the delivery of a new ship, there are thousands of decisions to be made daily.

With limited time, every party involved is working round the clock to make sure things are happening according to the timeline, regardless of whether you are a superintendent, procurement manager or technical manager at the shipyard.




Getting it right from the beginning

  • Limited time and resources

    Ensuring a successful delivery with limited time and resources often means working around the clock. This is a common challenge for every party involved – from shipowners, to designers, classification societies, shipyards, and suppliers.

  • Staying compliant

    Complying with international regulations (SOLAS, Marpol and OCIMF), flag state, class and government agency requirements (documentations, certifications, reports) and obtaining OEM approvals are essential to the newbuilding process.

  • Protecting the assets

    Equipping your vessel with a strategic selection of products that support future daily operations will reduce the risk of off-hire and minimizes negative impact to business. Access to sustainable and always-compliant products is key to future-proof your vessels to meet new challenges and goals.

Factors to consider before deciding the specifications

How do you ensure that the equipment and solutions that you select are compliant, available and meet international regulations and standards?



We simplify complexity for you

You need a trusted partner to help you navigate the complexity and challenges of supplies and services during the ships new build phase and when it is in operation. How can Wilhelmsen Ships Service help?

How can we help you?

  • Global availability

    Save time and effort in procuring solutions for various application areas onboard with our comprehensive range of products.

  • Quality guaranteed

    We help future-proof your vessel with sustainable solutions and continue to innovate to help you adapt to new challenges

  • Safety & Environment

    To ensure you maintain the highest standards of safety and environment, our solutions are backed by frequent testing, including legally required documentation.

  • Predictability

    With our standardized products, you'll receive exactly the same product, with the same quality and parameters all around the world

  • Compliant

    We work constantly to ensure our products and solutions meet the global rules, regulations and OEM requirements leading to type approvals.

  • Support

    Our dedicated service team is 24/7 globally available for assistance to provide you with specialist advice on products & solutions and after sales services.



Solutions that protect your assets

  • Cleaning


    Unitor™ chemicals and equipment to cover the essential cleaning needs of all parts of your vessel.

  • Cylinders

    Gas & Cylinders

    Global Availability. Quality assurance. Total compliance. There’s more that goes into Unitor™ cylinders.

  • DieselOil_328811051_16-9

    Oil Solutions

    Unitor™ fuel treatment chemicals to improve your fuel quality and reduce sludge and emissions.

  • refrigeration abstract


    Unicool range of refrigerants are quality assured and comes with Low ODP and GWP to ensure compliance to rules and regulations.

  • Ropes Cover Picture


    Our Timm™ ropes are the result of continuous development and craftsmanship since 1772.

  • WaterSolutions_16-9

    Water Solutions

    Nalfleet™ water treatment products to treat and protect your on board systems.

  • Welding_246479122_16-9

    Welding & Surface Preparation

    Unitor™ equipment to optimise maintenance and performance of your vessel

  • lubricants_hero

    Marine Specialty Lubricants

    Wilhelmsen Ships Service is partnering with Klüber Lubrication to offer customers greater access to environmentally-friendly high-performance specialty lubricants.

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