Marine Supply System

Through Marine Supply System, Wilhelmsen offers maritime suppliers access to its leading distribution network with processes and applications built solely for the purpose of serving a global maritime market

Marine Supply System

We are present in more than 70 countries, reaching more than 2,200 ports, and our expertise spans across areas from local regulatory requirements to global supply chain optimization. Anchored in our customer-centric mindset, Marine Supply System works closely with you every step of the way to secure a timely and efficient delivery to your end customer, reducing complexity and offering transparency along the way.

Marine Supply System offers a unique opportunity for suppliers to benefit from Wilhelmsen's extensive experience and supply chain capability built to deliver with quality to a global maritime industry.

Annika Hoffner, CEO

We offer

  • Global reach

  • Simplicity

  • Maritime supply chain expertise

  • Transparency

Service Offering

Your customer success is our success

Marine Supply System offers access to a distribution network tailored to serve the maritime industry on a global scale allowing our customers to benefit from economies of scale as well as retaining and extending their global footprint.

Operating through one global partner, Marine Supply System, reduces complexity and decreases the internal management effort required from suppliers, and enables suppliers connected to our service to focus on their core business and secure a consistent customer experience globally.

Our built-for-purpose distribution network is supported by a globally integrated system offering visibility and control over the entire maritime supply chain whilst streamlining ESG reporting.

Your customer success is our success. Anchored in our customer-centric mindset, we work closely with our customers, the suppliers to the maritime industry, every step of the way to streamline their global distribution with the ultimate goal of delivering highest service levels towards their end customers at any time. 


Logistics Services

  • Global Supply Chain Management

    Operating through one global partner to reduce the complexity and decrease the effort in supply chain management whilst providing increased visibility and control over operations.

  • Warehousing & Last Mile Delivery

    Access to a built for purpose maritime supply chain supporting activities in 2,200 ports, across more than 70 countries, allowing for global reach and optimizing inventory levels.

  • Quote, Order & Invoice Management

    Leveraging our global customer success centres operating 24/7 to expedite quotation response times, streamline order fulfilment, and deliver a consistent level of high-quality customer service around the world.

  • ESG

    Harnessing our leading supply chain governance to support screening, drive initiatives, and provide global, consolidated reporting, e.g., on Scope 3 emissions by streamlining the collection, consolidation, and reporting of emissions from operations.

Corporate Services

  • Market entry

    Leveraging our global knowledge to streamline the incorporation process and ensure compliance with local company law allowing quicker access to markets.

  • Local compliance

    Assistance in navigating the regulatory framework of registering, calculating, and reporting local requirements, such as VAT and Excise Reporting, to ensure continued compliance within an ever-developing regulatory environment.

  • Finance & Reporting

    Global and transparent insight into operations to allow timely reporting and follow-up.

  • Workforce Enablement

    Assistance in human capital management such as the calculation, payment, and accounting of payroll as well as processing expenses for your local entity to ensure compliance with local employment laws.

Our Team

Customer Credential

Pelagus 3D

Pelagus 3D uses additive manufacturing – 3D printing – to streamline the maritime and offshore industries' supply chain. The thyssenkrupp-Wilhelmsen joint venture aims to make better custom, standard, and obsolete spare parts available on-demand.  

Pelagus 3D has offices in Singapore and Norway, and delivers to maritime and offshore customers globally, 24/7. 


Marine Supply System leverages Wilhelmsen's leading global maritime supply chain network to ensure the spare parts reach Pelagus 3D's customers on time, anywhere. 

Marine Supply System also supports the quote and order management process with accurate information securing a swift process, and secure timely reporting of e.g., indirect taxes and ESG-matters. 

In addition, Marine Supply System provides Pelagus 3D with business enablement services, i.e., finance & accounting, registration and reporting of local requirements, human resources including payroll and expense reporting, and IT, that enable Pelagus 3D to operate efficiently and scale globally at speed.


"We are thrilled to be working with Marine Supply System to strengthen our end-to-end operating model. On-demand manufacturing of spare parts near the point of need is a game-changer and it is vital that we have an effective management of the parts. Our partnership with MSS will reduce the complexities of running a global operation, ensuring an efficient delivery of spare parts to our customers in the maritime and offshore industry," says Håkon Ellekjær, Chief Commercial Officer, Pelagus 3D.

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