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Cruise Ships - Port Agency & Tour Operator Services

Wilhelmsen Port Services (WPS) specializes in providing port agency services for cruise vessels in multiple locations around the world. With a team of experienced and dedicated professionals, WPS Cruise Port Agency adeptly manages all aspects of cruise port operations, ranging from berth bookings and crew changes to upholding safety, environmental, and health protocols. Furthermore, WPS extends its services as a Tour Operator and ground handler at specific locations, offering our customers a comprehensive suite of services during their vessel's port visit, whether for tours or turnaround operations.

Recognizing the unique and rigorous requirements of cruise vessels, WPS prides itself on being a key partner by integrating port agent services with Tour Operator functions. Throughout our services, proactive measures and operational efficiency remain paramount, ensuring the utmost quality and smoothness in all port-to-shore operations.

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Greece Cruise

At Wilhelmsen Port Services Greece, we offer both Port Agency and Tour Operator services for Cruise. We see ourselves as an extension of the cruise line, with customer satisfaction and personalized services as our top priorities.

Agency Services

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    Berth Bookings

    We're with you every single step of the way from pre-arrival planning, to in-port services and post departure follow-up.

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    Crew Change

    We arrange crew change assistance according to specific laws of each country, and can provide the full range of services both to your passengers and crew.

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    Customs – Immigration Ships Clearance – Free Pratique

    Providing the necessary guidelines and assistance, we ensure that all local Customs Immigration, requirements (CIQ) protocols are followed to the last detail, and that the vessel, passengers, and crew are received in port the right way. With constant updates from our ports, rest assured that you will know all the latest developments necessary documentation and actions.

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    Supplies – Deliveries – Offloads

    Whether it is by land, sea or air, our team can find the right solution for your cruise supplies. We look after the deliveries, whether they involve spare parts or consumables, and ensure smooth handling of all offloading requirements requested by the ship or its guests.

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    Emergency Handling

    We are well prepared for any emergency situations as our agents are trained on Marine and Site Incident Handling. To supplement our training, annual emergency response drills are conducted to test the response rate and to ensure that our team knows how to handle any potential situations.

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    Local invoice forms are translated and costs are input according to standardized international formats.

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    Medical Emergency Services

    Providing up to date information on available clinics and hospitals, we can arrange safe and efficient transportation to the hospital or clinic of injured or sick passengers or crew in every port at any time, available 24/7 in case of emergency.

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Japan Cruise

We apply a 24/7 hub structure in Japan, greatly simplifying how you communicate with local authorities, as well as the local agent.

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With offices in 75 countries supporting our non-stop operations in 2,100 port locations across the globe, you can be assured that we have the local knowledge and industry expertise to find the best solution to cater for your needs.

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