Container Ship Management

WSM provides full technical management and highly trained crew for a wide range of vessel types in the container sector.

With our extensive supplier base, network of service providers and good understanding of today's complex regulatory environment, WSM is capable of handling container ships of all sizes through our in-house expertise.

Our experienced seafarers sourced from our global manning offices are capable at handling all trade routes and patterns.

WSM's ship and shore teams are dedicated to safety and efficiency to assure commercial and quality excellence. In addition to our strength, our extended service areas making us the preferred container ship manager include:

  • High focus on container safety and close scrutiny of stowage and weights
  • Commitment to excellent safety training of crew through our state-of-the-art training centre for skills development in both critical and unexpected situations
  • Constant visibility through active participation in container workgroups to champion safe and efficient operations while safeguarding the environment

Newbuilding supervision for container ships

We have an experienced newbuilding team to supervise and keep to strict timelines to achieve your newbuilding objectives. 

A dedicated newbuilding supervision on-site team will closely monitor the progress, safety and quality during construction from specification review to delivery. Through our established track record with shipyards in Asia, and also the local know-how, we can provide owners a seamless ship construction journey. Read more about our partnership in China.

Ship management solutions 

Our vessel operations are supported by established and proven systems using integrated digital solutions. Transparency between ship and shore is achieved through our Internet of Things (IoT) platform and onboard sensors. Our Risk Management & Systems safeguards ship owners, crew and the public from any risks. 

We source and retain capable crew from our global manning offices. With our extensive services for crew management, owners are not only getting capable seafarers, but also access to trainings and certification requirements to update their skills.

We provide transparent Vessel Accounting service for timely and accurate reports of financial statements anytime, anywhere. Owners can benefit from real cost savings through our network of suppliers via Global Procurement Services.    

For professional planning, preparation and execution of Dry Docking, our in-house experts ensure a predictable experience to minimise unplanned expenses. 

Container vessels WSM page

To ensure the smooth operation for container ships, WSM is attentive to constant maintenance through the use of a sophisticated computer based Planned Maintenance System.

Through our digital solutions, we simplify reporting, increase transparency and productivity. This leads to potential reduction in external costs. 

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