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Wilhelmsen provides comprehensive refrigeration solutions, ranging from high-quality refrigerants, maintenance equipment and spares to keep your systems working at their optimum.

There are a few reasons why refrigeration systems require special attention. The most obvious one is that they perform a vital function on board - maintaining the correct temperatures for the preservation of cargo and providing a comfortable climate for passengers and crew. But beyond their primary purpose of keeping things cool, refrigerants and refrigeration systems are also subject to close environmental regulations which are ever-changing.

The challenge for ship owners and operators is to make sure their systems keep running smoothly, and that they remain fully compliant with all current regulations. With our wide range of high-quality refrigerants, maintenance equipment and spares, your systems will always be running optimally.

We have suffered in the past from low-quality refrigerants with high moisture content. This has resulted in clogged and broken down systems, and throwing away provisions due to high temperatures in the freezers. Low-quality refrigerants is not an option for us.

Geir Trulssen, Technical Superintendent, Odfjell ASA

The Unicool™ range of refrigerants is readily available worldwide through our global supply network while being supported by the highest level of technical knowhow. As the world’s largest provider of marine refrigerants, we are fully conversant with the demands of environmental regulation. We constantly look to the future to ensure that our products, and our customers who use them, remain compliant always.

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Customer attention and our ongoing relationship is what helps us the most.

Crystal Cruises, Miguel Reveles, Technical purchasing


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    Responsible refrigeration on ships – Enabling you to comply with regulations and reduce carbon emissions

    According to the 4th IMO GHG Study, the estimated annual loss of refrigerants from shipping in 2018 resulted in 18.2 million tonnes in CO2 emissions. Refrigerant leaks result in more energy needed to deliver the necessary level of cooling, and could contribute to higher emission from the ship. Download the technical article to learn how you can achieve responsible refrigeration.

    Wilhelmsen insights |
    Francis Lai, Business Manager Refrigeration

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    How To Choose The Ideal Low GWP Alternative To R-404A

    In today's low GWP world, there are many new alternatives for the commonly-used R404A refrigerant, but the reality is there are only four truly viable options due to conditions such as flammability, performance, and availability. Francis Lai, Technical Product Manager at Wilhelmsen Ships Service, explores the factors behind the current recommendations.

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    Using a Natural Remedy to Improve Indoor Air Quality Onboard the Vessels

    Marine HVAC systems and ductwork are ideal breeding grounds for many types of viruses, bacteria, mould, and Legionella, especially in hot or humid conditions. Here's a natural remedy that helps protect you.

    Wilhelmsen insights |

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    How To Avoid Counterfeit And Illegal Refrigerants

    Counterfeit refrigerants put you and your crew members at safety and compliance risks. This article aims to give you information on the risks of counterfeit refrigerants and how to avoid them.

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  • Unitor Unicool Refrigerants


    As the world’s largest provider of high quality marine refrigerants, we are fully conversant with the demands of environmental regulation. And we constantly look to the future to make certain that the Unicool refrigerant range, and our customers who use them, remain compliant always.

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    Refrigeration Equipment

    Our range of refrigeration equipment, lubricants, package equipment, system equipment and tools are designed to work together with our range of gases, refrigerants and cylinders, and have been formulated to meet local and international regulation whilst protecting operational costs and promoting positive environmental practices.

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  • Refrigerant Gases - Orange Unicool - Unitor

    Refrigeration Handling Guide

    Learn about safety handling and regulation guidelines for CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants. Included in this guide are log sheet templates for easy, practical tracking of refrigerant usage.

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