Prepare your bunker tanks for IMO 2020

Make the first step of the journey with us and be compliant with regulations on time

Get ready for IMO 2020

IMO 2020

With IMO 2020, a 0.5% sulphur cap will take effect and you’ll have to change your fuel to remain compliant. Complying with the emission regulation is more than just switching over to new fuel. Preparing your vessel bunker tank for the fuel switch-over marks the first step of the journey towards complying with the regulation.

How do you mitigate risks of non-compliance?

  1. Understand your bunker tanks

    2019 Now


    Sludge and sediments form over time and settle at the side and bottom of your vessel bunker tanks. If these impurities are not removed, there are huge risks associated when mixing in new IMO 2020 compliant fuel. You will face fuel compatibility issues, damage to the engine and machinery and other operational risks.


    4-6 months of treatment programme to clean the bunker tanks

  2. Prepare your bunker tanks

    2019 Q3


    Before the changeover to new fuels, you would need reliable fuel treatment solution that stabilises and prevents sludge formation in your bunker tanks.

    Once the sludge and sediment deposits are reduced to a minimum, your bunker tanks are ready to house the new fuel.



    FuelPower conditioner to clean the bunker tank before fuel changeover

  3. Test and Treat your bunker fuels

    2019 Q4 and beyond


    The changeover to new fuels will bring about different challenges. We take the complexity out of compliance for you. Routine fuel testing and treating can mitigate the risks that come with your choice of fuel.


    Our Test and Treat programme is tailored according to the following fuel options:
    1. Heavy Oil and Blends
    2. Distillate or Diesel Oil

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