Newbuilding Supervision

Full project management of your newbuilding from yard evaluation to delivery.

During the ship building process there is high potential to influence the ship's quality and lifecycle cost. Our project management team of experienced professionals ensures that your vessel is built in accordance to the contract, the specification and the drawings and governing rules and regulations.

We are committed and driven to protect your interest from the very beginning and deliver a well-built ship which allows you to enjoy lower lifecycle cost.

From Steel Cutting to Delivery

Our site team of experts on hull, painting, machinery, piping, electrical, automation, cargo containment, and administration, follows the construction schedule closely. They ensure the quality through regular inspections, attend Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) and attend the final test during the sea trial.

The site team has regular progress reviews with the shipyard to ensure that any non conformity is followed up by a recovery plan. We conduct scheduled inspections and also patrolling of worksites to closely monitor safety and quality during construction.

The final ship documents and certificates are carefully reviewed and delivered. Regular progress reports are provided to the owner.

Critical components of newbuilding supervision​

Well done drawing plan, good site team and efficient claims handling system are crucial to a well-managed newbuilding construction.

Drawing approvals

Site team expertise

Claims handling

It is our priority to ensure that plan approval is done on time and in accordance with your specification, regulations and standards.


Our Database consists of more than 100 projects, filled with comments and information on drawings and learning experiences.

Our team of competent individuals have extensive experiences to ensure the quality of your newbuilding​. 


You will have access to our established pool of subject-matter experts in each specialized area e.g. hull, machinery, engines etc.


Non-conformance towards specification or approved drawings will be recorded and followed-up.

Our claim handling process is digitized with audit trails to ensure each claim is rectified. Owners have full transparency to these real-time information online.

Contact us before you place your order

Let us help you to select the right shipyard. With more than 20 shipyards audited in China and Korea, we have sound understanding of the local culture and a highly skilled permanent team of newbuilding supervision experts. Wilhelmsen Ship Management is here to ensure your new building is made with quality. 

Download our whitepaper below for better understanding of shipyard selection.


Selecting the right shipyard gives you the best opportunity to influence the quality of your newbuilding and its lifecycle cost thereafter

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