New Building Supervision

Total supervision of your new building from specification review to delivery.

During the ship building process there is high potential to influence the ship quality and lifecycle cost. The project management team of experienced professionals ensures that the vessel is built in accordance to contract, specification and rules.

The site team conducts scheduled inspections and also patrolling of worksites to closely monitor safety and quality during construction. We will be able to deliver you a well-built ship and enjoy lower lifecycle cost.

Service highlights

  • Shipyard evaluation and selection
  • Design and equipment review
  • Technical specification review (extendable to assistance with shipyard negotiation)
  • Drawing / Plan approval
  • Building supervision from steel cutting to delivery of vessel

From Steel Cutting to Delivery

Our site team of experts on hull, painting, machinery, piping, electrical, automation, cargo containment, and administration, follows the construction schedule closely.  They oversee inspections, tests, Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and sea trials at the shipyard or in other locations in accordance to approved Inspection Test Plan (ITP).

The site team has regular progress reviews with the shipyard to ensure that any slippage is followed up by a recovery plan. The detailed progress is closely monitored by the project management team and regular site visits are included.  

The final ship documents and certificates are carefully reviewed and delivered. Regular progress reports are provided to the owner.


Selecting the right shipyard gives you the best opportunity to influence the quality of your newbuilding and its lifecycle cost thereafter

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