Break Bulk, RORO & Project Logistics

We provide you specialist services in handling of high, wide and heavy cargoes as well as large break bulk shipments in complex environments on a door-to-door or port-to-port basis throughout the world.

Our services cover turnkey project management including:

  • Port handling
  • Yard management
  • Route surveys
  • Multi-modal transportation
  • Provision of lifting equipment
  • Packing and crating

Within our wide range of project logistics capabilities, we have special focus and unique capabilities in defense, energy and oil & gas segments.

Oil & Energy: Sample Projects

  • 3264 X 2448 Offshore Equipment UAE

    Offshore Equipment, UAE

    Receipt on SPMT, local transportation, export customs clearance, port handling, vessel agency and ocean transportation from Abu Dhabi to Hamburg, Germany of Vibro Hammer and equipment with unit weights up to 120 tons each

  • 2048 X 1536 Power generation equipment Portugal

    Power Generation Equipment, Portugal

    Ex works handling in Portugal, export clearance, ocean transportation, import clearance and door delivery of 2,400 freight tons of transformers and equipment with unit weight up to 100 tons each for the Shuaiba Power Plant project in Kuwait.

  • 1824 X 1368 Export of reactors UAE

    Export of Reactors, UAE

    Ocean transportation of reactors and oil and gas equipment from Hamriyah port, Sharjah to Jubail, KSA. Three consecutive shipments of 1,500 freights tons each for the Al Wasit Gas project in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • 4000 X 3000 structural steel export UAE

    Structural Steel Export, UAE

    Ocean transportation of 3,262 freight tons of structural steel from Jebel Ali port, UAE to Adabiya port, Egypt for the $3.6 billion ERC Refinery project in Egypt

  • 2048 X 1536 Power generation equipment Kuwait

    Power Generation Equipment, Kuwait

    Port Handling, Import Customs Clearance and Overland transportation of 2,000 freight tons of power generation equipment using step deck trailers for the Doha East Power Plant Project

  • Handling of gas turbines - power plant

    Power Plant, Mew-Kuwait

    Handling of Gas Turbines and Generators ranging from 234 tons to 279 tons as well as cross loading onto receivers trailers.

  • Exploration Drilling - Moving Generator

    Transporting Generators, Norway

    Moving generator “made to fit” a tunnel 500 meters inside a mountain. Total of 40 parcels with the heaviest weighing 80 tons.

  • 2048 X 1536 Door to door move of drilling rig Canada

    Door to Door Move of Drilling Rig, Canada

    Loading, Overland transportation from Canada to USA, port handling, crating, Export paperwork and Ocean transportation of 1,500 HP dismantled land drilling rig until delivery at door in Kuwait

  • 1632 X 1224 Delivery of steel coils Kuwait

    Delivery of Steel Coils, Kuwait

    Vessel agency, port handling, storage, import clearance and inland transportation of 100,000 tons of steel coils for a Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) pipeline project.

  • 448 X 336 MP Slug catchers South korea

    MP Slug Catchers, South Korea

    Ocean transportation of 3,080 freight tons of MP Slug Catchers and accessories from Ulsan, South Korea to Musaffah Port, UAE for the strategic Upper Zakum (UZ 750) project in Abu Dhabi

  • 1280 X 960 Oil and gas equipment China

    Oil & Gas Equipment, China

    Ocean transportation of 4,956 freight tons of oilfield equipment from ChangShu port in China to Alexandria port in Egypt.

  • 2592 X 1944 Transport of pressure vessel kuwait

    Transport of Pressure Vessel, Kuwait

    Route Survey, Escort Vehicles, Road Furniture Removal, Overland transportation of a 50 meter long pressure vessel weighing 250 tons in unit weight from fabrication yard to site.

  • Qatar - Plant Expansion - Thumbnail

    Oil & Gas, Qatar

    Plant expansion - 147,000 tons of cargo transported in gas-debottle necking project.

  • 1328 X 747 Transformers and accessories turkey

    Transformers & Accessories, Turkey

    Ocean transportation of 36 units transformers and accessories with unit weights up to 48 tons each from Haydarpasa port, Turkey to Mina Zayed port, UAE.

  • Wells drilling project

    Well Drilling, Iraq

    Mobilization of rigs with camp from Kuwait to Iraq with over 130 trucks dispatched.

Defense: Sample projects

  • 2564 X 1709 Defense goods europe

    Defense Goods, Europe

    Vessel charter for ocean transportation of 12,430 freight tons of military equipment from Northern Europe to Middle East

  • 1024 X 768 Military goods middle east

    Military Goods, Middle East

    Ocean transportation of 3,180 freight tons of military equipment from Middle East to North Africa.

  • 2048 X 1536 Retrograde operations Kuwait

    Retrograde Operations, Kuwait

    Inland transportation, deep cleaning of equipment to Austraian AG inspection standards, port storage, export clearance and ocean transportation from Kuwait to Australia

Industrial Goods & Construction: Sample Projects

  • 1280 X 960 Handling of cable drums UAE

    Handling of Cable Drums, UAE

    Port Handling and Temporary Import & Export Customs Clearance of four cable drums, each weighing 150 tons each for the EPC 1 project at Upper Zakum field.

  • 2592 X 1936 Export of mining equipment UAE

    Export of Mining Equipment, UAE

    Port Handling, Export Documentation and Ocean Transportation of 3,000 freight tons of tipper trailers and mining equipment from Jebel Ali, UAE to Conakry port, Guinea in West Africa.

  • 1024 X 768 Discharge of accomodation units saudi arabia

    Discharge of Accommodation Units, Saudi Arabia

    Onboard handling of out of gauge accommodation units and discharge from RORO vessel using SPMT trailers.

Marine: Sample Projects

  • 5312 X 2988 passenger ferry boats UAE

    Passenger Ferry Boats, UAE

    Import Clearance, Port Handling, Load Out from yard using SPMTs, discharging into water using tandem lift 2 x 300 ton cranes. Four Units in total weighing 65 tons each and measuring 32 m x 6 m x 6..90m each

  • 800 X 480 Power boats

    Power Boats, China

    Ocean transportation of 3,800 freight tons of time critical formula 1 power boats from China to Turkey moving on custom built lift trucks.

  • 1600 X 1200 Shipment of patrol boats middle east

    Shipment of Patrol Boats, Middle East

    Ocean transportation of four x 42mt patrol boats measuring 23.56m x 5.1m x 8.2m each from Middle East to Indian Sub-Continent

  • 5312 X 2988 Modular Pontoons - UAE

    Modular Pontoons, UAE

    Overland transportation from factory to port, export permits and customs clearance, port handling and ocean transportation of 1,497 freight tons of modular float systems from Hamriyah, UAE to Santiago port, Chile.

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