TAKE 5 Program

Our flagship risk assessment safety program, TAKE 5, ensures that all of our employees, from port agent to top management are able to identify potential hazards when performing the associated work activities and establish preventive action controls before starting any job.

Everyone agrees that safety in the workplace is important. And yet everyday shortcuts in safety are taken to get jobs done faster, or safety is compromised due to work activities being so ingrained in our day-to-day job that we forget or dismiss the need to check for potential safety hazards.

Wilhelmsen Port Services is changing this by introducing the TAKE5 Program, which will increase safety awareness in just five steps. The TAKE5 program is an informal pre-task risk assessment which reminds us of the simple things that our brain tends to forget. The Program is used to prompt us to stop and take a moment to assess the situation and our immediate work environment.

In its most basic form, the TAKE5 Program forces us to ask "Am I safe to work?"

Download TAKE5 Tools

  • 1600x900 TAKE5 Guidelines&Posters

    TAKE 5 Guidelines and Posters

    These guidelines define the TAKE5 process, when and how it is to be used and where the TAKE5 process fits into Wilhelmsen Port Services' risk management system. Download these TAKE5 guidelines, process flow charts and posters for printing.

  • 1600x900 TAKE5 Booklet

    TAKE 5 Booklet for Print

    We expect our Suppliers to have the same level of Safety by implementing the TAKE 5 risk assessment in their organization. If you are new to the task, in an unfamiliar/new working area or started work after a break/weekend, then a TAKE 5 MUST be completed, prior to work commencing. Download the TAKE5 booklet for printing.

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