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Port Services: Supplier Expectations

With a presence in over 2,000 ports and over 8,000 suppliers in those ports to support our ships agents, our suppliers are an integral part of our business. Playing an important role in our day-to-day operations, we work hand-in-hand with our suppliers to meet your needs during your port calls.

Partnering with Wilhelmsen: While we operate in different countries, we share the same core values and code of conduct. We aim to grow our relationship with our suppliers and align them to our code of conduct with focus on: abiding by our ESG standards and program, commitment to elimination of all forms of corruption, continuous improvement and by providing an ethics and integrity package

Our Approach

The Port Services Supplier Governance framework is applicable to all current and new suppliers without exception. The prerequisite to doing business with Wilhelmsen Port Services is the adherence to our minimum requirements for suppliers.

  • Port Services Supplier Governance Standard

    This standard applies to all Port Services employees, contractors, and third parties. We ask that you communicate these expectations to your employees, suppliers and business partners who may provide goods or services to Wilhelmsen Port Services.

  • Supplier Code of Conduct

    The Supplier Code of Conduct (“SCoC”) describes the standard of business ethics applicable for all suppliers in their business relationship with Wilhelmsen. Suppliers include any legal entity or person that provides products or services requested by Wilhelmsen.

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    Personal Data Protection policy

    The purpose of this Personal Data Protection policy description is to ensure lawful protection of personal data which relates to Wilhelmsen group employees, as well at third party individuals. Customers, suppliers, agents, representatives and other business partners of the Wilhelmsen group are expected to comply with this or a comparable policy to the extent they process personal data on behalf of the Wilhelmsen group.

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    Suppliers: Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) policy

    The Wilhelmsen Port Services Commitment and Policy on Health, Security, Safety and Environment applies across Port Services and is designed to help protect people and the environment. Our commitment and policy are to deliver services for our customers whilst causing no accidents, no harm to people, no security breaches, and no adverse effects on the environment.

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    Suppliers: Quality policy

    Wilhelmsen Port Services strives to exceed our Customers’ expectations and is committed to a policy of Quality Assurance through its activities, ensuring that the service quality satisfies the agreed requirements of our Customers

Suppliers Toolkit

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    TAKE 5 Program

    Our flagship risk assessment safety program, TAKE 5, ensures that all of our employees, from port agent to top management are able to identify potential hazards when performing the associated work activities and establish preventive action controls before starting any job.

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    Land & Launch

    With over 40,000 launch and road transport trips per year, all our transport providers MUST meet or exceed our standards of operation. All our transport vehicles are equipped with safety instruction procedure cards, passenger sign off log books and pre-departure checklists to ensure vehicles are well-maintained and comply to our safety standards.

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    PPE Guidelines

    Our PPE policy provides our employees and our partners on the guidelines to protect themselves and visitors from exposure to workplace hazards and reduce the risk of injury. This includes the correct usage of PPE and understand its application in accordance with respective job safety risk assessments.

  • Safe boarding and safety on board vessels

    Time on board a vessel is considered a high-risk activity, especially in the vicinity of cargo working areas and mooring stations designated areas. Hazards in ports and terminals are just as common as accidents on vessels. Our Safe boarding and safety on board vessels guide will help you to stay safe by identifying and controlling the common risks in simple steps.

Supplier Forum

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    Supplier Forum Pre-Reading

    The Supplier Forum Pre-reading is mandatory for all suppliers to download and read through prior to attending the Supplier Forum. It provides an overview to Wilhelmsen Port Services' Business Standards, Quality, Safety, Environment, Compliance requirements for all contractors and third parties.

  • WPS Supplier Forum 2022

    Supplier Forum 2023

    Wilhelmsen Port Services Supplier Forum has been developed as part of our Supplier Governance as we consider all our suppliers an extension to our own activities. Suppliers are our valued partners in our business, hence it is vital that all suppliers commit to our standards especially in regards to Compliance, Safety and Environment Standards.