Producing ropes exclusively for the maritime industry since 1772, Timm™ ropes are used on some of the world's largest and most technologically advanced vessels.

Navigating the complex landscape of new mooring regulations, guidelines, and port regulations can be challenging. 

Our total mooring solution consisting of rope products, technical services, and digital innovation stands ready to facilitate your compliance with the new regulations. Our ropes meet the requirements of SOLAS, OCIMF MEG4, SIRE 2.0, RightShip RISQ 2.0 and Intertanko.

Quality ropes now with true global availability

Integrating the range of Timm™ ropes into our extensive product network means we can provide you the best rope availability in the market.

You benefit from:

  • Standardised, safe, quality ropes
  • Our technical expertise
  • Single point of contact
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Unrivalled global availability


Is your vessel SOLAS compliant?

Our best-in-class total mooring solution makes compliance with the SOLAS Regulation II-1/3-8“Towing and mooring equipment”on safe mooring regulations easy for you.

Compliance with SOLAS safe mooring regulations

SOLAS Regulation II-1/3-8 takes effect on January 1, 2024. Learn more about the amendments to Circ. 1175 and the new guidelines, Circ. 1619 and Circ. 1620, to ensure compliance.

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Digital Line Management Plan

Looking for a line management solution? LMP™ by Wilhelmsen is an easy-to-use digital line management plan that helps you comply with SOLAS Cir. 1620 in maintaining mooring equipment inspection and maintenance records.

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Wilhelmsen insights

  • ropes top view

    An overview of the regulations and guidelines governing mooring lines

    We give a snapshot of the relevant regulatory framework governing the mooring process and mooring equipment (including ropes), and the key concepts they introduce. Find out the risks and pain points of non-compliance and how best to comply with regulations like the upcoming SOLAS Regulation II-1/3-8 by only using certified ropes that are fit for purpose, alongside an effective Line Management Plan (LMP).

    Wilhelmsen insights |
    Thomas Caradec, Product Management and Planning Director Mooring

  • Differences in tech qualifications

    Differences in technology qualification for mooring ropes with Anti Snap-Back features

    With various types of certificates associated with mooring ropes, navigating the differences between a statement of qualified technology and other certifications can be challenging. This article provides an overview of the main types of certificates and why you need to obtain them from the ropes supplier.

  • DSC_2413

    Why using unverified anti snap-back solutions can be a serious threat to safety in mooring operations

    Substandard imitations of Wilhelmsen’s genuine SBA™ (Snap Back Arrestor) that lack third-party technology validation and do not perform as described should be avoided as part of safety management best practice.

    Wilhelmsen insights |
    Marcel Babinec, Product Manager for Mooring Solutions

  • shutterstock_1851968893_edited

    Selecting the right rope - Why should you be looking at LDBF?

    In the history of ship mooring, diameter has often been the only criterium in the selection of ropes. Today, it is still commonly used to compare mooring ropes, with common advice being that thicker ropes should be chosen for heavier vessels. The article examines how the measured diameter may differ from the value listed in product descriptions and why you should be looking at Line Design Break Force (LDBF).

    Wilhelmsen insights |
    Thomas Caradec, Technical Product Manager, Ropes

Vessel Specific Solutions

  • Container Ship


    The Timm™ Master range is the preferred rope of choice for much of the world’s container fleet offering reliability and strength at a reduced cost. With an enviable strength-to-weight ratio and excellent abrasion resistance, Timm Master standardised mixed composition ropes are also type approved.

  • Cruise Ship


    The Acera™ range of HMPE ropes is one of the preferred choices for the largest and most technologically advanced cruise vessels on earth. Offering high breaking strength, along with reduced mooring times, the Acera range’s performance is as eyecatching as its colourful coatings.

  • Oil Tanker Ship 2


    The Timm™ Master range is the preferred rope of choice for much of the world’s tanker fleet offering reliability and strength at a reduced cost. With an enviable strength-to-weight ratio and excellent abrasion resistance, Timm Master standardised mixed composition ropes are also type approved.

Our Solutions

  • Ropes Cover Picture

    Conventional Ropes

    Conventional ropes offer cost effective solutions. These floating, flexible and easily handled products have long been admired as premium mooring ropes.

  • Advanced Ropes - Timm Gold Winchline

    Advanced Ropes

    Advanced ropes offer well-balanced ropes with a compact construction. These ropes are suitable where the mooring system requires a more complex solution.

  • High performance ropes

    High Performance Ropes

    Our aim is to change the market dynamics for high performance ropes. Acera™ genuine HMPE ropes are stronger than steel, with 1/7 of the weight – and 1/3 of a same strength polyester rope weight.

  • Strecher


    Mooring tails are used to protect the mooring lines and to allow ships to sway and move with the environment. Our Mooring tails are typically used with steel wire and HMPE ropes, providing shock/energy absorbing within the mooring system.

  • Rope Protection

    Rope Protection

    These high tenacity guards are suitable for all fibre rope types. Chafe guards can be easily installed and can provide an instant defensive barrier against sharp surfaces and edges. The Timm Chafe Guard is highly resistant to mineral acids, alkali, electrolytes, oxidising agents and remains stable in aqueous acids and non-polar solvents.

  • Boss link

    Accessories: Mooring Connection

    This indispensable steel connection solution allows steel wire ropes or HMPE fibre ropes to work in tandem with fibre mooring tails. It is made from high quality stainless steel and is marked with MBL, SWL and serial number.

  • man

    Onboard Ropes Inspection

    We offer visual inspections of mooring ropes on board your vessel, providing inspection reports and recommendations for your mooring lines and arrangements.

Need advice?

With offices in 75 countries supporting our non-stop operations in 2 200 port locations across the globe, you can be assured that we have the local knowledge and industry expertise to find the best solution to cater for your needs.