Global Procurement Services

We play a key role in supporting our customers’ vessels by focusing on the timely delivery of supplies and services that are value for money and compliant with regulatory and international requirements.

Our Resourceful Network

As our customer, you can benefit from real cost savings through our network of national and global suppliers.

We work closely with preferred suppliers and the technical management team to establish requirements, verify specifications, understand the required lead times and comply with the vessel class notation.

Our logistics partners ensure that orders are consolidated at suitable locations prior to despatch to the vessel at its next port call.

Sustainable and Responsible Procurement

We are committed to protecting the environment and doing business with ethically and socially responsible vendors. To this end we expect our suppliers to support The International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC) and to take action to combat child labour.

We are a member of IMPA ACT community. The IMPA ACT is an initiative of the International Maritime Purchasing Association (IMPA) that encourages ship owners, ship operators, and ship suppliers to demonstrate a tangible commitment to responsible supply chain management (RSCM) and corporate social responsibility (CSR). We are committed to sustainable & responsible procurement practices through our membership of the IMPA ACT.

Supplier Registration and Pre-qualification Process

Step 1: Register at ShipServ

We encourage all suppliers to trade with us using the ShipServ portal. This allows business between us to be conducted electronically and results in significant operational efficiencies for both parties.

Step 2: Complete Vendor Master Form

New suppliers are required to complete a Vendor Master Form and to undergo screening which includes:

  • OFAC Compliance
  • Company registration details
  • Bank account details
  • GST / VAT no
  • Copy of authorised company letterhead with company stamp / seal and signed by a director or CFO

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