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ESG: Our Approach

Wilhelmsen Port Services commit to being a responsible and compliant business partner for our customers, employees and stakeholders by actively working towards our ESG ambitions through our inclusive workforce, our environmental initiatives and our focus on ethics and integrity.

Wilhelmsen insights

  • cii rating thumbnail

    Efficient port calls can cut ship emissions

    As part of our ESG Spotlight Series, Dave Pullin, Vice President Operations, shares why choosing a high-quality port agent takes on greater significance as CII rules come into force.

    Wilhelmsen insights |
    Dave Pullin, Vice President Operations

  • safety gangway

    The importance of safety standards and how to commit to a secure work environment

    As part of our ESG Spotlight Series, Jodie Reibel, Vice President Governance & Sustainability, discusses safety and the agency business and why building a safety culture is now a business essential.

    Wilhelmsen insights |
    Jodie Reibel, Vice President Governance & Sustainability, Port Services

  • 800 x 450 Safe boarding vessel

    Through the eyes of a Ships Agent: Boarding Vessels at Sea

    Boarding vessels at sea is part and parcel of a Ships Agent's life, which means safety checks at every step is crucial. Watch our Ships Agent, Jodie Morgan, in action through the lens of a camera attached to her safety helmet as she goes about her day, to safely board and disembark from a vessel at sea.

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    Port Services


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    TAKE 5 Program

    Our flagship risk assessment safety program, TAKE 5, ensures that all of our employees, from port agent to top management are able to identify potential hazards when performing the associated work activities and establish preventive action controls before starting any job.

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    Land & Launch

    With over 40,000 launch and road transport trips per year, all our transport providers MUST meet or exceed our standards of operation. All our transport vehicles are equipped with safety instruction procedure cards, passenger sign off log books and pre-departure checklists to ensure vehicles are well-maintained and comply to our safety standards.

  • Employee training

    Employee training

    We firmly believe all incidents and injuries are preventable, working continuously to improve safety performance by raising awareness and enhancing safety skills through employee training programs focused on risk management. This is particularly evident in our high risk activities, such as boarding of vessels, launch transportation and movement around ships.

  • 534 x 300 ISO 45001

    ISO 45001

    Certification to ISO 45001 demonstrates our commitment to improvements in OH&S performance by ensuring we have a standard approach to safety regardless of the location in which our employees operate. Our rigorous auditing program assures compliance with our safety standards and provides opportunity for continuous improvements in a safety standards throughout the global network.


  • 1600 X 900 code of conduct

    Wilhelmsen's Code of Conduct

    Our extensive Code of Conduct explains how our values guide our decisions our supported through out WW Business Standards.

  • 1600 x 900 wilinspect

    ESG Team

    A stand alone team which focuses on enforcing the safety and compliance of our internal operations, our suppliers and the maritime industry as a whole.

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    We are very proud to be Tcertified.

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    Maritime Anti Corruption Network (MACN)

    As a member of MACN, our commitment is the elimination of all forms of maritime corruption. This is further strengthened by Wilhelmsen's whistle-blowing program.


  • 1600 x 900 Master port call report

    Masters port call report

    The Masters Port Call Report is an online survey that allows our customers to give an easy summary of their Port Call. This enables us to continually improve our operational performance and respond to any issues as soon as the Master completes the report. The Global Operations teams will be notified immediately should there be any compliance concerns from a customer.

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    GIMS: Improvement potential reporting

    Our in-house system ‘GIMS’ captures incidents and improvement suggestions to prevent undesired recurrences - allowing us to identify opportunities to improve safety and process efficiency.

  • 800 X 450 ISO9001

    ISO 9001

    Standardization and process improvements are core to our management system, ensuring our ability to meet your requirements. We have held a global certificate in the ISO 9001 standard for over 15 years which has allowed us to implement a robust continual improvement process focusing on increasing our efficiencies to deliver value-added products and services to our customers.