Unsung heroes

For decades, our seafarers are the unsung heroes of the maritime industry. In times of need, they are selfless and ready to help the distressed at sea. For them, not a single man will be left behind.

We could only capture in pictures of a few rescue missions. There are so many more stored in memories of the rescued and crew.

  • Medals

    The crew from MV Taiko received operational medals for assisting the Norwegian Armed Forces and Norwegian government in solving a UN mission carried out from December 2013 - July 2014.

  • Harvest Rising_rescue 2

    On 27 September 2015, the Captain and crew of our managed vessel MV Harvest Rising, responded to a mayday from fishing vessel MV Lincoln and rescued three seamen from bad weather conditions off the coast of South Africa.

  • TMOA Marenco

    On February 2016, our managed vessel Tere Moana responded to a call for help from a small ferry, Nautica, that was taking in water. Our team responded with urgency by coordinating with nearby vessels to bring in people and equipment to stabilize the situation.

  • EO rescue 4

    On the morning of 1 December 2017, while on passage from the Arabian Gulf, our managed vessel Energy Orpheus spotted seven people on top of a turned fishing boat signalling for help. The vessel manoeuvred as close as possible to rescue the people and quickly alerted the Indian coast guard and a naval warship on VHF. A search aircraft and two helicopters were soon deployed for search and rescue efforts. While waiting for the evacuation of the rescued, our crew spotted and rescued another two survivors in the water.

  • BW FRIGG Pic 2

    29 October 2018 will forever be an unforgettable day for the crew on board BW Frigg. Our brave crew escaped an attempted pirate attack through their quick reflexes and selfless act. A small ceremony was held on board to show our appreciation to the crew.

  • TAME Crew pic

    The crew of MV Tamesis did not hesitate to respond to a request for assistance from JRCC Alameda to locate and provide for S/V Mayfly which was delayed by over 60 days due to bad weather and was very low on provisions.

  • 30-014 B Tampa mannskap-723574

    On 26 August 2001, MV Tampa, received a distress call just 12 nautical miles off Christmas Island and found 438 people on board a 20-metre wooden fishing vessel in devastating condition and at risk of sinking. The Captain and crew spared no efforts to bringing all the shipwrecked into safety. Until today, this is still one of our largest refugee rescue.

  • Tongola

    On 7 December 2018, MV Tongala received a distress call from sailing boat Mathilde, who had lost power and engines in rough weather mid-Atlantic. It was night time when the crew of Tongala rescued the sole Norwegian sailor and traveled safely with the vessel in tow to Bremerhaven.

  • HA Sklenar rescue

    MV H.A. Sklenar carried out a rescue of 6 distressed persons at sea on 21 April 2016 off Cuba. After providing some food and water, the rescued people were disembarked in Punta Venado, Mexico, in good shape.

  • Titania rescue

    On 15 February 2020, MV Titania lent assistance to a French sailing boat Aqua Tiki III that went out of diesel oil and was out of power for ten days. The crew from Titania lowered 20 containers of diesel as aid to the distressed boat and both resumed their journeys.

45 years of ship management

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