Cruise & Passenger Vessel Management

Lifetime care and support for your vessels

WSM offers comprehensive coverage of services from new building to crew management and hospitality for all types of cruise and passenger vessels.

New building supervision and delivery to destination

You will have a dedicated project management team to ensure your vessel is built according to contract, specification and rules.

Our on-site team conducts scheduled inspections for quality control during the entire duration of the vessel construction at the shipyard.

Every progress detail is reported including sea trial and delivery to owners. During handover, final ship documents and certificates are reviewed and provided to owner.

WSM also provides delivery of newbuilding cruise and passenger vessels from shipyard to destination port for owners.

Our working teams will plan your new building delivery to your needs:

  • Plan and execute all aspects of the delivery process
  • Ensure all materials are available for use on board
  • Qualified and certified officers and ratings
  • Work in collaboration with owner’s crew

The team takes care of all safety aspects and confirm that all systems and critical equipment are working properly before starting the journey from port to final destination.

Full technical and crew management

We offer you competent crew and professional technical services, maintenance and safety management systems to manage any cruise ship. Our services include:

WSM Operation of vessel

Operation of vessel

  • External audits & follow-up
  • Emergency response handling
  • Maintenance & repair
  • Certificate & Class follow-up

WSM Management of vessel operating expenses

Management of vessel operating expenses

  • Create vessel budget
  • Vessel budget follow-up

WSM Handling of exceptions and defaults

Handling of exceptions and defaults

  • Management of change
  • Management of insurance cases

WSM Crewing Services

Crewing services

  • Recruitment
  • Coordinate manning offices and crewing of the vessel
  • Proactive communication with client
  • Training of crew
  • Cost control and follow-up
  • Follow-up of P & I
  • Payroll service
  • Ensure compliance according to industry standards (medical, visa, misc. certificates)
  • Travel coordination

Also in our complete range of solutions are Risk Management & Systems, Vessel Accounting, Procurement and Dry Docking.

Cruise vessel hospitality

Cruise operations

We can provide complete hotelier services for fully operating cruise ships. 

Combining resources from our global manning offices and strategic alliances, we offer seamless cruise operations in every area of onboard hospitality including hotel management, employment of officers, staff, catering, food & beverage department, crew, entertainers and other concessionaires.

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