Lay-Up Management

We strongly believe in vessel preservation and maintenance during lay-up. This is essential to ensure vessel performance is optimal when reactivated.

As the fi­rst lay-up provider certifi­ed by Class, we are well known in the industry for our substantial experience covering both traditional and advanced vessels. We also extend this service to offshore installations. We provide hot and cold lay-up solutions to industry standards by trained professionals.

Lay-up is a proven cost saving alternative in situations where charter rates are below vessel operating cost. Owners can seek short or long-term refuge by laying up their idling vessels. Other reasons why owners choose to lay up their vessels include waiting for the right timing to convert, recycle or sell their assets.

Jan Tynaes, General Manager – Lay-up Operations 

Lay-up process

  • Instalment of proper deactivation equipment and systems
  • Relevant spaces are sealed off and dehumidifying machines installed
  • Watertight blanking of underwater openings
  • Demonstration of various emergency equipment
  • Our team is available to assist in deactivation of machinery


  • Periodic inspections (regular testing, inspection, turning, and periodic operation)
  • Continuous preservation
  • Recording all actions in log / monthly report
  • Service and necessary repairs
  • Continuous monitoring by our staff on board
  • 24x7 manned base office
  • Ship staff to join in phases and reactivate vessel
  • Demobilization of equipment
  • Generator demobilization
  • Unblanking of watertight blanks
  • For cold lay-up reactivation is 7-14 days
  • Our team can also assist with the reactivation


What to expect from Hot and Cold lay-ups?

Cold Lay-up

  • Total shutdown of vessel with no crew
  • Two watchmen on 24/7 watch
  • Vessel maintained by dehumidifiers, cathodic protection and preservation of sea water lines/sea chest
  • Longer re-commissioning time

Hot Lay-up

  • Crew members at minimum safety manning limits can remain on board at all times to maintain and care for the vessel
  • Vessel is held within Classification and Flag State requirements
  • Machinery kept operational at minimal cost
  • Fast re-commissioning time


  • Our anchorage locations are secure and sheltered from typhoon and monsoon zones
  • Excellent holding ground for your ships to anchor safely
  • Certified by DNV-GL and Class NK


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Our Services

  • DD1

    Dry Docking

    With professional planning, preparation and execution, we make dry docking predictable and efficient.

  • GHSEQ photo

    Global Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

    Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) is the cornerstone of our operations. Our quality assurance is set at a high standard to safeguard ship owners, crew and the public from any risk.

  • IHM Site visit

    Inventory of Hazardous Materials

    It will soon be a MUST to have an Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM). The coming requirement will be made mandatory by the EU Ship Recycling Regulation 2013 for vessels calling on any EU ports. We provide Class certified IHM for all types of vessels anywhere in the world.

  • HHI

    New Building Supervision

    Total supervision of your new building from specification review to delivery.