Lay-Up Management

We strongly believe in vessel preservation and maintenance during lay-up. This is essential to ensure vessel performance is optimal when reactivated.

Wilhelmsen Ship Management is a class certified lay-up service provider, we have been providing professional lay-up management since 2009. Known in the industry for our track record and substantial experience covering both traditional and advanced vessels, we set the standards high for lay-up management in the industry. We provide hot and cold lay-up solutions performed by trained professionals and proven processes. 

Service highlights

  • Preserve vessel structure and machinery from corrosion and static seizure
  • Ensure security, safety and preservation of vessel, its equipment and environment
  • Integrated and seamless processes from arrival to lay-up facility, deactivation to reactivation

Lay-up process

Our lay-up processes are certified by DNV-GL and Class NK. The entire process for lay-up is divided into three main activities: deactivation, lay-up and reactivation.


Main checkpoints when a vessel is laid-up

  • Installment of proper deactivation equipment and systems
  • Relevant spaces are sealed off and dehumidifying machines installed
  • Watertight blanking of underwater openings
  • Demonstration of various emergency equipment
  • Our team is available to assist in deactivation of machinery


  • Periodic inspections (regular testing, inspection, turning, and periodic operation)
  • Continuous preservation
  • Recording all actions in log / monthly report
  • Service and necessary repairs
  • Continuous monitoring by our staff on board
  • 24x7 manned base office
  • Ship staff to join in phases and reactivate vessel
  • Demobilization of equipment
  • Generator demobilization
  • Unblanking of watertight blanks
  • For cold lay-up reactivation is 7-14 days
  • Our team can also assist with the reactivation

What to expect from Hot and Cold lay-ups?

Location, location, location!

  • Our anchorage locations are secure and sheltered from typhoon and monsoon zones
  • Excellent holding ground for your ships to anchor safely
  • Certified by DNV-GL and Class NK



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General view laid up vessels

Preserving your asset in the most optimal way

Wilhelmsen Ship Management (WSM) shares our best practices in vessel preservation and maintenance during lay-up. Doing it right is essential for restoring your vessel's optimal performance when reactivated.

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