Sustainability is integral to how we run our business. We recognise that sustainability risks could reduce our ability to generate value. We also understand that there are real business opportunities for our group to provide sustainable solutions for our customers and stakeholders. Our employees are at the frontline of making this happen.

Focus areas

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    Health and Safety

    Maintaining an engaging and safe working environment both at sea and on shore, we believe is a necessity for an efficient, sustainable and profitable business. It is why we conduct our business with respect for human rights and labour standards, including conventions and guidelines related to the prevention of child or forced labour, minimum wage and salary, working conditions and freedom of association.

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    Ethics and anti-corruption

    Our policies on ethics and anti-corruption are clear. We do not tolerate corruption in any form, and we expect all employees to match the high ethical standards we've outlined in our governing documents and Code of Conduct. Our work with business standards is constant, and our various stakeholders rely on us as a transparent and compliant partner.

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    Responsible procurement

    In constant dialogue with our suppliers, to ensure our sustainability expectations are clear, we work in partnership to ensure that products and services are compliant with our standards.

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    Cyber security

    The increase in cyber security threats has made it extremely important to manage this as an integrated part of doing business.

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    We recognise that retaining and attracting talent is key to ensure future growth and essential for delivering on our long-term strategic ambitions. In our daily operations, we continuously work to provide an engaging and safe work environment where equal opportunities are available for all. We want our employees to come home safely every day after work.

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    As a global company with thousands of employees spread across the world, we have an opportunity to continuously work towards reducing the environmental footprint of our own operations and that of our customers.

A word from our CEO

"The oceans are our business and we see opportunities ahead. We operate in markets exposed to the world economic growth and general geopolitical environments. We know that our current business models are challenged by multiple factors including rapid technology development, changing customer and supplier behaviour, new competitors, and a changing workforce.


Our operating environment offers a vast number of opportunities which we intend on capturing in a sustainable way by being agile, innovative, and disrupting ourselves. We are committed to contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals and I have no doubt we can make a significant impact in our field of operations on land and at sea. We enable sustainable global trade and thrive on the opportunities in front of us."


Thomas Wilhelmsen, Wilhelmsen group CEO



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    Melanie Moore

    Head of sustainability

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