Korean Student-Interns at WSM Malaysia

Korean maritime students receive hands-on experience in onshore ship management.
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Four students from Mokpo National Maritime University (MNMU) Korea will begin their enriching 6-week internship programme at the WSM's Global Head Office in Kuala Lumpur as part of their academic module in MNMU.

 The interns coming from different academic divisions within the university had to undergo a selection process (including English language proficiency interview) in order to qualify for the program. They will train under our Technical Management, New Building & Technical Services and GHSEQ teams from 16 January – 27 February 2017.

Wilhelmsen Ship Management Internship Students 2017


Academic Division

Juh-Yeong Kwon 

International Maritime Transportation Science

Joo-Vi Park

Navigation Science

Dae-Hyuk Kwon

International Maritime Transportation Science

Yae-Lim You

Marine Mechatronics

President of WSM, Carl Schou; Vice President for Region Asia – WSM, Paal Gunnulfsen; and Vice President for HROD – WSM, Kenny Lee, welcomed the interns.

Carl gave a few words of encouragement to the interns for their training in Kuala Lumpur. He is pleased to receive the confidence from MNMU for entrusting some of their students to undergo their internship overseas in WSM Malaysia.

Coincidently, one of our two Maritime Management Trainee is also an alumnae from MNMU. Jeong-Min Lee’s last onshore position after graduating was third officer on a WSM-managed vessel before her successful application for the trainee programme.

At Wilhelmsen, we strongly believe in developing talents to maintain a sustainable maritime industry. We hope that the experience gained will help them develop good skills and work ethics. 

MNMU Interns with WSM


From left:

  1. Kenny Lee – Vice President, Human Resources & Organizational Development (HROD), WSM
  2. Carl Schou – President, WSM
  3. Yae-Lim You – Intern, Marine Mechatronics Division, MNMU
  4. Joo-Vi Park – Intern, Navigation Science Division, MNMU
  5. Juh-Yeong Kwon – Intern, International Maritime Transportation Science, MNMU
  6. Dae-Hyuk Kwon – Intern, International Maritime Transportation Science, MNMU
  7. Jeong-Min Lee – Maritime Management Trainee, WSM
  8. Julia Christy – Organizational Development Specialist, WSM


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