“We want to take our chemical customer solutions to the next level” says Bernd Bauer, WSS Director of Marine Chemicals.

The Active Solutions Portal (ASP), a new chemical management system developed by WSS experts, will be showcased at SMM Wednesday 5 September.
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The portal aims to make chemical handling simpler and safer, whilst enabling vessel operators, owners and managers to develop crew competency.

Visitors to WSS at SMM can get on-stand demonstrations of the portal as well as talk in detail to marine chemicals specialists and the development team.

The new Business Director for chemicals, Bernd Bauer, says the portal will play a vital role in supporting safe handling and application of chemicals onboard ships.
“It allows users to manage their workload and provides shore staff with the means to monitor performance and increase process transparency. Ultimately this gives improved operational efficiency. With the Active Solutions Portal we’ve taken our chemical customer solutions to the next level.”

Eric Holmes, Product Marketing Manager for marine chemicals says:
“We believe that sharing knowledge and delivering support is crucial and this portal has been designed to work as a unique tool that allows us to bring our experience and knowledge of marine chemicals onboard the vessels of our customers.”

A bespoke software package, the portal contains a wealth of product information including:

  • Product information and chemical application guidelines
  • Appropriate testing and control advice
  • ‘Waterproof’ software package enables recording and display of chemical test results
  • Information on systems that can reduce the need for chemical handling,
  • Technical enquiry assistance information
  • Training modules and supporting documentation designed to maintain crew competence
  • Fast, onboard access to product support information

Although the system is primarily built for onboard crews , it can also be used by shore-based teams supporting vessels at sea. Where internet connectivity is available, the portal is optimised for efficient file transfer over maritime satellite communication systems. The portal also bundles several PC-based modules that provide easy access to training on chemical application and control.

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