Crew Health & Hygiene: Putting Crew First

Maintaining a clean and hygienic working environment for seafarers requires the right products and team effort - everyone has a part to play.

What Crew Needs

There are various aspects to maintaining cleanliness and hygiene on board. Here are the four main areas to focus on:
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    Ensure that you have a sufficient range of cleaning products made for galley and accommodation areas. Easy-to-use equipment such as mixing stations can help improve efficiency and even save on single-use plastics.
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    Cleaning is incomplete without proper disinfection. Disinfectants or anti microbial products can give you protection from pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2.
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    Personal Hygiene

    Having liquid hand soaps and alcohol-based sanitizers available on board helps promote good hygiene habits. Other essentials like PPE packs and laundry products further provides all-round protection all day, every day.
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    Sewage Treatment

    Probiotic cleaners based on powerful microorganisms can prevent blocked pipes and bad odor. It's important to get the right products for the right applications - this helps avoid the use of toxic cleaners for your toilets and sewage systems.

We can support you on all the above and more:

Wilhelmsen's Unitor™ Easyclean and Gamazyme cleaning solutions are developed with the safety of crew in mind.

  • Standardized products are easy to use and come with instructions and safety manuals
  • Equipment such as mixing station helps prevent overconsumption of chemicals - allowing for better cost control and reduction of single-use plastics
  • Fight off harmful pathogens such as bacteria and viruses with our NEW Anti Microbial Active Coating and hand sanitizers and disinfectants
  • Gamazyme range helps you avoid blocked pipes and bad odor and maintains the sewage system in optimal working condition

Expert knowledge

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Staying clean and safe is important.

You are not only protecting yourself, but also your colleagues at work and the people around you.

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