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Unitor™ Gamazyme™ Toilet Descaler is used for descaling toilet bowls, toilet systems, drains and pipes. One 5 kg carton contains 100 sachets of 50 grams.

Product information

Unitor™ Gamazyme™ Toilet Descaler is based on weak acids, bacterial strains and enzymes formulated to dissolve organic materials, uric acid and scale. It is packed in 50 gram water soluble sachets. Acts immediately due to its chemical composition. Secondary action due to its micro-organisms capable of digesting fat, grease and oil found in toilets, drains and pipes. No need for dismantling of drains and pipes when used either on a preventative or on a regular service basis.


  • Biological powder descaler
  • Formulation based on weak acids, bacterial strains and enzymes


  • Removes uric acid and deposits
  • Descales both inorganic and organic material
  • Immediate action due to its chemical composition
  • Digests fat, grease, and oil in toilets, drains and pipes
  • Descales toilet bowls, toilet systems, drain and pipes
  • Leaves a fresh smell


Physical properties

Appearance Light blue
Density [g/ml] 1,2-1,3
Form Powder in solupacs
pH 1,4 in 1% solution

Technical data

Not Compatible Avoid aluminium, zinc, tin, and their alloys and galvanized surfaces


Directions for use

Descaling of Toilet Bowl:

  1. Add 50 grams (one sachet) to each toilet once a week as a minimum.
  2. Let sachet stand for 1 min. for complete dissolution.
  3. Brush the bowl and flush water into the toilet.
  4. Repeat the treatment if necessary.

Descaling of Drain, Pipes, Toilet Circuits

  1. To remove scale in drain, pipes and toilet circuits add 50 grams (one sachet) to each toilet twice a week as a minimum.

* Store in a dry, well-ventilated area protected from frost and heat. Keep opened boxes sealed from ambient air and use up first. *