Product information

Unitor™ EASYCLEAN™LAUNDRY POWDER is used for laundry machines. 50ml -70 ml (35gram-50gram) is commonly used for wash loads of 3 to 5 kg.

If the Unitor™ EASYCLEAN™LAUNDRY POWDER is used for manual hand cleaning, dissolve 35 ml of the powder in 10 liter of warm water.
It is not recommended to use more powder than needed, as it might be difficult to rinse out all the detergent. This can again lead to rash or skin irritations.


  • Effective from 30°C
  • White powder with perfume added


  • Leaves the clothes with a nice smell
  • Can be used for both machine and hand wash


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


Directions for use

  1. Add 50 ml of EasyClean™ Laundry Powder per 3 - 5 kgs of clothes into the dosing chamber of the washing machine. If clothes are very dirty or if the water is bunkered and has a high hardness, add up to 30 ml extra
  2. Run normal program according to the machine settings
  3. After each clean, if possible, leave the machine door open