Product information

This product supersedes product no: L764407


  • Natural, biodegradable, non-toxic gel block
  • Consists of complex polysaccharides, surfactants, purified water and 10% tea tree oil
  • Releases 10-45 micrograms of tea tree oil per cubic metre of air
  • Formulated into a thermo-reversible solid water gel
  • Melts at < 50 °C with decomposition
  • Complies with Marine Labour Convention 2006 (MLC2006)


  • Continued use of Duct Air Treatment will help prevent the build up of bacteria, mould, Legionella bacteria and fungi which are found in marine HVAC systems
  • The powerful active ingredient in Duct Air Treatment will also eliminate and oxidize the source of odours associated with bacteria and moulds, leaving the air fresh and clean


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)