Product information

The heavy duty cleaning power of Unitor™ EASYCLEAN™ OVEN & GRILL secures fast and easy cleaning by loosening the bond between the deposits and the surface. The surfactant system used will further break down the deposits to be dispersed into the wash water for easy removal.

Regular use of Unitor™ EASYCLEAN™ OVEN & GRILL will remove the deposits that can lead to potential kitchen fires. If the deposits are not removed, they will also lead to excessive smoke and unwanted taste to the food.


  • Highly concentrated ready-to-use solution
  • Highly effective on burnt-on carbon deposits
  • Phosphate free


  • Easy to use, just spray on and leave to work
  • The concentrated product improves efficiency and saves time on the cleaning process
  • Regular carbon-deposit removal reduces the risk for excessive smoke generation, unwanted taste on food as well as reduces the risk for fires


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


Directions for use

  1. Scrape off large quantities of deposits and remove loose particles
  2. Spray on the EASYCLEAN OVEN & GRILL neat on the COLD surfaces
  3. Leave the product working for 15 to 60 minutes depending on amount of residue
  4. Rinse off with plenty of water or remove with a wet rag or sponge

Always use suitable personal protective equipment (PPE), like goggles and chemical resistant gloves, when handling EASYCLEAN OVEN & GRILL.
Avoid contact with paint, enamels and light metals like Aluminium, Tin and their alloys.