Product information

Unitor™ Natural Hand Cleaner™ is effective, mild to the skin and contains no petroleum solvent derivatives The new and improved formula contains only naturally occurring mineral products as scrub agent.

Unitor™ Natural Hand Cleaner™ falls under cosmetic regulations and does not need to have a Safety Data Sheet.


  • Contains natural occurring mineral products
  • Does not contain nonyl phenol ethoxylates or other estrogenic compounds
  • Mild antiseptic properties
  • Effective and suitable for the most severe soiling. Due to its mildness it can be used safely day after day
  • Easier to rinse off than many other gel cleaners
  • Supplied with a hand pump


  • Exfoliating scrub effect
  • Leaves hands clean
  • Do not dry out your skin
  • Easier to rinse off than many other gel cleaners
  • Optimal and economic dosing by hand pump



Directions for use

Unitor™ Natural Hand Cleaner™ should be massaged onto the soiled skin without the use of water. The skin should then be rinsed with clean fresh water and dried thoroughly with a towel or tissue.