Towards Safer Mooring

Developed through years of research and development



Innovation never ends

We have been pushing innovation in the mooring ropes industry for more than 250 years. While a rope is still a rope, the evolution of technology and innovation has changed our approach towards research and development. In the new era of mooring safety, we believe that constant innovation will take our mooring solutions to the next level, pushing for higher performance and safer solutions.

Digital solutions drive the innovation of mooring ropes to a new level, and we are using several high-tech solutions in our R&D to ensure the performance is at the highest level. Solutions like the Line Management Plan and our Smart Ropes project are solutions that will be essential for the future of mooring and will help our customers approach mooring in the safest possible way.

Setting the benchmark for safer mooring

Mooring operations remains one of the most dangerous tasks crew and port workers can undertake, with mooring lines moving at speeds exceeding 800km/h when snapping. Snap back accounts for a staggering 53% of mooring accidents, according to the UK P&I Club, with a sobering 1 in 7 of those accidents resulting in fatalities. We have made it our mission to ensure that this does not continue.

The thought about SBA™ (Snap Back Arrestor) was set to life more than a decade ago, as a result of a mooring line snapping, and the first successful test of a working SBA™ solution happened in 2017. Since then, we have been working towards optimizing the solution and in November 2022, DNV issued a statement of qualified technology, as the first and only snap back arrestor solution, proving that the SBA™ works. We take great pride in this achievement and are happy that this fulfills our commitment to shaping the future of the maritime industry and our work towards safe mooring.

Safer work environment for crew

We have been early adopters of OCIMF MEG4 since its launch in 2018, we have seen that more guidelines and regulations are following the footsteps and adopting new terminology with an increased focus on safe mooring.

We are encouraged that the industry is now moving towards “safe-to-use” design, with a human-centric focus when it comes to product development. We will continue to work towards safer mooring operations and providing the crew with the right tools to be able to make the correct decisions on the mooring deck.

With several new regulations and guidelines as well as various port regulations in place going forward, it is a difficult terrain to navigate. We are here to assist our customers and share our expertise to ensure you stay compliant with the applicable guidelines and regulations.

Our ropes are compliant with OCIMF MEG4 and SIRE 2.0, RightShip RISQ 2.0, SOLAS, Intertanko and are eligible for incentives in certain terminals.

Key values of our mooring ropes

  • Safe

    Our Timm Snap Back Arrestor (SBA™) is the world's first SBA rope to receive DNV's Certified Technology approval. The Snap Back Arrestor feature in our ropes lowers risks dramatically, creating a safer mooring environment.

  • Tested extensively

    Meticulously tested with dedicated facilities and years of research and development.

  • Compliant

    Our ropes comply with the guidelines of OCIMF MEG4 and SIRE 2.0, RightShip RISQ 2.0, SOLAS, and Intertanko.

Our Ropes are Approved by Class Societies

  • Proudly type approved by DNV for mooring ropes

  • Proudly approved by Class NK for mooring ropes

  • Proudly approved in Korean Register for mooring ropes

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Our total mooring solution consisting of rope products, technical services, and digital innovation, stands ready to facilitate your compliance with the new regulations.

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How to comply with SOLAS safe mooring regulation

SOLAS Regulation II-1/3-8 takes effect on January 1, 2024. Learn more about the amendments to Circ. 1175 and the new guidelines, Circ. 1619 and Circ. 1620, to ensure compliance.

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