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Technical Articles and Whitepapers


List of Technical Articles for Mooring Ropes

Why using unverified anti snap-back solutions can be a serious threat to safety in mooring operations

Read Article

Water absorption in polyamide tails can cause their weight to increase by 50%

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Digital rope management with all-in-one LMP application Read Article
An overview of the regulations and guidelines governing mooring lines Read Article
What lies behind the usability and longevity of ropes Read Article
Differences in technology qualification Read Article
Lifespan of ropes Read Article

Type Approvals and Certificates

Base Design Certificates


List of base design certificates

Timm™ Master Line Read PDF
Timm™ Master Tail Read PDF
Acera™ Amundsen Line Read PDF
Acera™ DaGama Line Read PDF
Timm™ Flex 8 Tail Read PDF


Type Approval Certificates


List of type approval certificates

TAK0000094 (DNV) Timm Master 8, Timm Master 12 SBA
TAK0000097 (DNV) Acera Amundsen SBA, Acera DaGama SBA
Acera Class NK Certification for our Acera products 


Technology Qualification


List of technology qualifications

Statement of qualified technology for Timm's SBA DNV Certification
Differences in technology qualification for mooring ropes with Anti Snap-Back features Technical Article
SBA DNV Press Release


Guidelines and Instructions for our Timm™ ropes by Wilhelmsen

Inspection & Retirement Guidelines


List of Inspection & Retirement Guidelines

Timm™ Master Line Read PDF
Timm™ Master Tail Read PDF
Acera™ Amundsen Lines Read PDF
Acera™ DaGama Lines Read PDF


Installation Manual


List of installation manuals for our Mooring Ropes

Installation Best Practices Read PDF
Rope Installation Video See video
Rope Chafe Guard Installation Read PDF


Use and Care


List of Use and Care Manuals

Timm™ Master 8 Read PDF
Timm™ Master 12 SBA™ Read PDF
Acera™ Amundsen SBA™: Read PDF
Acera™ daGama SBA™: Read PDF
Timm™ Master 8 Tail Read PDF
Timm™ Master 12 SBA™ Tail Read PDF
Timm™ Flex Tail Read PDF

Splicing Manuals


List of Splicing Manuals information for our Mooring Ropes will be listed soon.

Elongation graphs


List of Elongation graphs information for our Mooring Ropes will be listed soon.

Product Information



List of Articles for our Products

Changing the game in mooring ropes safety Read Article
Coming full circle Read PDF



List of Flyers for our Products

LNG Package for Mooring Read PDF

Videos of our Products


List of Videos about our Products

This is what the SBA means See video
Circular Rope See video
Continous Innovation See video

Behind our Mooring Ropes Production

See video

Meet the people behind our ropes team

See video

Acera HMPE range is updated

See video

SBA original video

See video

Smart Ropes

See video

Line Management Plan

See video

Best practices



List of Best practices

Selecting the right rope Read PDF
Why improper mooring tail selection compromises safety Read Article
Key aspects to consider when converting wire Read Article
Replace ringtails with single tails Read Article
Article from LNG Industry: Prolonged Lifespan of Mooring Ropes Read PDF
Infographic: Twist Read infographic
Infographic: 9 ways to prolong lifespan Read infographic
Infographic: 3 life saving questions Read infographic
Infographic: Selecting the right rope Read infographic



List of Videos

The dangers of rope twisting See video
The ultimate guide to selecting ropes with snapback systems See video



List of Webinars

Maintaining high standard for ropes See webinar
Total mooring solution for prolonged lifetime coming soon


Industry guidelines and regulations

Articles and videos


List of articles related to industry guidelines

Seeking universal mooring guidelines Read Article
A new look at safe mooring Read Article
OCIMF guideline overview Read PDF
TIMM Load test flyer Read PDF
Ships Design MBL: Key factors for safe and efficient mooring operation See video


Industry guidelines and regulations

List of industry guidelines relevant to mooring equipment

IMO SOLAS Circ. 1619 Read Article
IMO SOLAS Circ. 1620 Read Article
IMO SOLAS Circ. 1175 rev1 Read Article
Class NK - Requiremements FOR SOLAS REGULATION II-1/3-8 Read PDF
Lloyds Register - new SOLAS requirements for towing and mooring equipment Read PDF
RightShip RISQ Read Article

Terminal Requirements


List of terminal requirements

BHP Hay Point Read PDF
BHP Port Hedland Read PDF
Panama Canal Read PDF


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