Suez Canal Transit

More than 30 years of canal transit experience, with 53 employees across 7 different offices in Egypt.

Our Global Standard of Operations (SOO) ensures a consistent Quality for all Agency Services provided in the Suez Canal. We have more than 30 years of history in Egypt with 200 employees across 7 offices, who are ready to assist you with any Husbandry Matters, Transit Services or collection of toll rebates from SCA. We have one of the strongest Governance policies in the industry and are happy to present how we stay compliant. We make your challenge our own!

A selection of services we do for pre-arrival, in port operations and post-departure are listed below:


  • Calculate all toll costs upfront with 95% accuracy, with our online Suez canal toll calculator  
  • Keep vessel Master and crew updated 24/7 on convoy schedule
  • Keep port authorities updated on vessel ETA and slot booking
  • Establish pre-funding requirements for spot, contract and HUB customers
  • Collect and negotiate applicable rebates with SCA for all ship types

In-Port operation

  • Meet local port authorities and obtain necessary clarification for all legal and operational requirements
  • Arrange security and transport for weapons onboard ship
  • Tailor-made Husbandry and crew services
  • Cash-To-Master
  • Waste removal
  • Safe transport of sign-on-crew and sign-off crew
  • Arrange customs and immigration documentation
  • Coordinate with health authorities, Suez crew and ship chandlers
  • Provide excellent Unitor, Nalfleet and Timm products at both ends of the canals

Post-departure and DA handling

  • All costs and services in DA are updated and communicated regularly to customer
  • Final DA is submitted according to agreed period and Wilhelmsen Port Services policy & standards
  • Professional and timely reporting of any claims, accidents, near-misses or non-conformities for safety reasons


Get in touch with our dedicated Transit Desk team in Egypt for more info on how to tailor our many different agency services to fit your specific vessel segment and needs. The canal transit desk is managed by our local team who hold a strong operational as well as commercial background, with in-depth knowledge about technical specifications and requirements for all ship types. With solid relations with all local stakeholders such as Suez Canal Authorities, local port authorities, police and/or security companies, we can quickly assess and answer any type of question related to costs, time and safety – at all times.

1600 X 900 - Suez canal map thumbnail new

Suez Canal Rebates Map

Want to keep updated with the latest information on Suez Canal's various toll rebates schemes? Explore our interactive map to find out the specific rebates and routes for each toll rebate scheme based on vessel type. Get in touch with our agent today to apply.

1600 X 900 suez canal rebate guide - navigating

Suez canal rebates guide: Navigating the rebate system

The Suez Canal Authority (SCA) has implemented a rebate system as an incentive to attract more ships to use the Suez Canal instead of alternative routes. Knowing how to navigate your way through the rebate system's processes is important to understand as it can result in significant reduction in your vessel's toll fee.

Customer Tools

  • 1600 X 900 suez canal rebate guide 3

    Suez canal: Frequently used toll rebate schemes

    Keeping up to date with the various Suez canal authority's toll rebates can be challenging yet necessary as it can result in significant reduction in your vessel's toll fee. With this in mind, we have put together the most frequently used toll rebate schemes based on vessel type for your convenience.

  • 500 X 281 suez toll calculator

    Suez Toll Calculator

    Plan your voyage with our Canal Transit calculator, or contact a specialist for a quote on all your ports. Our entire network, in one click.

Need Suez canal toll rebate advice?

Want to understand how the toll rebate process works? Don’t worry, we will hold a workshop for you with one of our local Suez canal transit experts.

Get toll rebate advice

The Navigational Statistics of the Fiscal Year 2022/2023

  • 1.5 billion tons

    The Highest Annual Net Tonnage

  • 9.4 billion dollars

    The Highest Annual Revenue

  • 25887 vessels

    The Highest Annual Transit Record

Disclaimer: Commodity data originates from Suez Canal Authorities (SCA) official sources. 

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