Japan Cruise

We apply a 24/7 hub structure in Japan, greatly simplifying how you communicate with local authorities, as well as the local agent.

Our Tokyo office provides operational updates and practical support for all ports across Japan. If you missed your spare part delivery in port, fret not. We will ensure you get it in your next port of call.

Matching technical expertise with fluency in both English and Japanese, our cruise consultants can also represent you in-person in all of Japan's cruise ports if needed.

With more than 50 cruise ports in Japan, choosing an experienced team who can help you plan and execute your port calls efficiently is essential. We provide your itinerary planners and operators for the following: 

  • Port Calenders from each and every port
  • An overview of which vessels are requesting berth

With an in-depth understanding of cruise and your passengers' needs, we can also advise when necessary on alternative ports which can provide passengers a unique view of Japan. 

Assisting while your port calls are in progress, we contact each stakeholder in port to ensure that your vessel is given priority. Our excellent relations with port authorities and ferries enable us to do this.

Unique Services

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    Japan Crew Change

    We arrange crew change assistance according to Japanese law and can provide the full range of services both to your passengers and crew.

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    Latest updates on Japan Port Developments

    Through our extensive port network in Japan, we actively monitor port construction work, as well as future developments, compiling all the relevant information to aid you in making the best decisions possible for your business.

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    Advice on Port Restrictions

    We advise on port restrictions with relation to the size of ships that can be handled, as well as upcoming restrictions that could affect your cruise vessel.

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    Consultancy Services

    For premium customers, we provide consultancy services for your business developers, vessel operators and itinerary planners. Always ensuring that we grow your business, we advise and aid you in adding new destinations to your itineraries.

  • 5,000+ crew members assisted for crew change in 2023 (Mar-Dec)

  • 700 port calls handled in 2023 (Mar–Dec)

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