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    Cargo Hold Preparation and Cargo Loss Prevention

    Bulk Carrier, the Work Horse of the Sea! Bulk carriers play an important role in the maritime industry. They move massive cargo from one point to another. To ensure a smooth process, it is critical to prepare the cargo hold each time these bulk carriers make

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    What lies behind the usability and longevity of a rope?

    Shipowners are increasingly looking to mooring ropes made from high modulus polyethylene (HMPE) which offer the best strength to weight ratio in the market. Let's examine the important factors to consider when it comes to selecting high performance HMPE ropes. ​

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    Changing the game in mooring ropes safety

    Safety has always been the cornerstone of our mooring ropes - especially in volatile weather conditions in the marine environment. In a recent real-life situation, the effectiveness of our ropes with the Snap Back Arrestor (SBA) feature has prevented injuries

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    The Rise of Submersibles

    In 46 years of managing floating assets, we have now expanded ship management to assets below the sea. Wilhelmsen Ship Management (WSM) now manages expedition ships with submersibles, a very rare opportunity for most ship managers. At present, there is only

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    Ship Inspection: Substance Over Matter

    There are no shortcuts when it comes to ship inspection and also the final product, the report. Each step in the process is conducted with the highest degree of professionalism and with the client’s interest in mind. Ajit Kurup, who used to work as a technical

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    The personal presence matters

    A pandemic silver lining. It has been more than 1 year since we grappled with realities of the pandemic. There were many learnings in this journey - stumbling blocks and silver linings encountered. We asked Carl Schou, the CEO & President of Wilhelmsen Ship

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    Dry-docking during a pandemic

    We share a few reflections from our vessel managers on the turmoil faced when performing dry docking at the height of a pandemic. We spoke to several vessel managers who have managed onsite supervisions at shipyards for their notable experiences in managing

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    Winds of Change: Ship Management Gears up for a Booming Industry

    Recognising the shift as more nations continue the adoption of renewable energy, Wilhelmsen Ship Management prepares to play a pivotal role in providing key talent to the wind industry. Offshore wind as a renewable energy source is not only one of the fastest

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    The Seafarer: One Man’s Tale of Gratitude, Belonging and Contentment

    This personal account conveys the view of how an ordinary man withstands the challenges inside a huge floating metal container for months and despite the hardships, is still proud to call himself a seafarer. The purpose of this story is not to gain respect

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    Empowered workforce by RPA

    How does the empowered workforce deliver greater performance?

    Delivering better and faster customer experience We are living in times where operational efficiency is expected in every business strategy. With greater access to new technology, we can work better and deliver more value to our customers. One of the key bottlenecks