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Shipping: More Than Just Delivering Packages

Our management trainee, Andreas shared his three-months journey at Wilhelmsen Ship Management, "I've discovered the vast and vital world of shipping. From a mere package delivery fee to now seeing its impact on daily life, shipping's versatility in finance, marketing, and sustainability makes it an exciting industry for the future. Engaging in meetings, projects, and sailing with the crew has been invaluable, and I'm grateful for the experience."

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My name is Andreas Wu Homme, and I am currently doing a traineeship at Wilhelmsen Ship Management Singapore. One year ago today, my main relationship with shipping was the ten extra dollars I had to pay for a package delivery. Three months ago, when I first started at Wilhelmsen Ship Management, I experienced firsthand how much more the industry has to offer. I have learned how shipping encompasses various sectors and is more present in our lives than I previously imagined - from the computer that is typing this to the office building we are working in, both of which are reliant on materials that require shipping. Seeing how sectors like finance, marketing, and sustainability also tie in makes shipping a versatile and attractive industry for the future.

My days mostly consist of meetings, emails, and independent project work to grow and learn about the industry. During my time at Wilhelmsen, I also had the unique privilege of living and sailing for a week with our crew to Laem Chabang and back.

Andreas and the crew to Laem Chabang
During his journey to Laem Chabang, Andreas spent time with the crew, which brought back memories of his days in the army.

Aboard, I witnessed their strong work mentality and experienced the camaraderie of being at sea together. It brought back memories of my days in the army, as the routines, group recreation, chain of command, and sense of togetherness were surprisingly similar. I saw beautiful sunrises and sunsets at sea, spent time below deck and on the bridge with our friendly crew, and developed a deep respect for our seafarers' professionalism and their crucial role in the company.

Andreas memories

"I am going to cherish the people, experiences, and knowledge I have picked up along the way."

My time at Wilhelmsen Ship Management is now coming to an end, and I will return to Bergen in August to complete my degree. I am going to cherish the people, experiences, and knowledge I have picked up along the way. Before I go, I would like to extend my appreciation to the Wilhelmsen Ship Management Team for always making me feel so welcome. A special thank you to Esther Gan and Daniel Reinsborg for giving me the opportunity to gain experience and learn from them. My time at Wilhelmsen has been a fantastic experience, and I aspire to incorporate the strong work ethic of the Wilhelmsen Team into my studies in Bergen.