Employment conditions

To create a working environment that attracts and retains talents.

We are Maritime Labour Convention (MLC)-compliant. All seafarers' contracts are in accordance to local Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)s and International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) standards. We strive to create a culture where our employees around the world deliver the right results in the right way. The governing elements are the foundation for our culture. We are committed to supporting employees in developing their competence and experience to perform in their role and develop their career.


Our Position

Our Efforts and Programmes

We are committed to develop a conducive environment for employees to thrive and assisting them to reach their highest potential. Employees are our biggest asset and we proactively look into ways to create a working environment that promotes equal opportunity and diversity.

Key numbers for Wilhelmsen Ship Management


Demographics - Employees

  2019 2018 2017
Onshore 530 492 528
Crew 10,230 9,334 9,460
Turnover rate onshore 1.57% 3.46% n/a

Demographics - Diversity

  2019 2018 2017
Number of nationalities - onshore 27 27 24
Females - % senior management 25% 14.29% 8.33%

Engagement survey and performance appraisal

Response rate 2019 2018 2017
Engagement survey completion rate 95% 95% 94%
Engagement survey score 76 76 72
Performance appraisal completion rate 91% 93% 97%

A safe working place; a conducive learning environment


Our biggest benefactor for success is our people that have dedicated their time and energy in building what we have today. Wilhelmsen Ship Management takes pride in building diverse and inclusive teams, with respect for each other's culture and ideas.


As a part of Wilhelmsen’s talent management framework, the Leadership Potential programme was established to ensure we have a pool of leadership potentials ready to drive the development of Wilhelmsen forward.


In the changing competitive landscape, it is important that we all stay relevant through continuous learning and development. We have invested in a large library of courses from LinkedIn Learning for employees to proactively take charge of their own development.

Bridge A 03

Our International Maritime Training Centre is equipped with the latest simulators with scalable infrastructure that can be enhanced with additional software and hardware (new components) to develop our crew's skills.

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