Efficient Cargo and Ballast Handling Course – Conventional Oil Tanker (LCHS) IMO Model 2.06

With the growing concern about pollution and the environment, this course develops the professional skills and confidence of Deck officers who are engaged in the handling of Bulk Liquid Cargoes with the help of simulating the cargo operations conducted on conventional oil Tankers.
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ECBH IMO 2.06 – Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator LCHS Oil:

The main aspects of the planning and execution of operations and the solving of problems that may arise can be demonstrated and practiced in the safe environment of the simulator.

Course Objective: The aim of this course is to ensure that mariners are trained and prepared to respond safely and efficiently for controlling the cargo handling and other operations on Tanker, required in today’s Tanker trade. It helps in developing a better understanding of the basic operation in Tankers with the help of lectures and simulator practice. It gives the participants “hands-on” training and builds their confidence in handling cargo operations and troubleshooting during work in Tankers.

Duration of the online course: 3 days / 5 days.

Suggested Target Group: Deck Officers

Course Contents: 

  • To develop better understanding of basic operation of an oil tanker
  • To handle the operations in safe manner, using simulator
  • Preloading
  • Loading on simulator with single and multiple cargo.
  • Pre discharging
  • Discharging Cargo with I-G Plant in operation in simulator
  • Ballasting
  • De-Ballasting
  • Other Tanker Operations, Inerting, Purging Washing Operations
  • Cargo Calculations
  • Pump theory and Operations
  • Tanker Hazards (Over-pressurization, Overfilling, Slack tanks, Stability issues)
  • Gas measurement