Safe & Efficient Management of Mooring System & Equipment (SMOC)

Manoeuvring a ship is an art which when coupled with scientific principles leads to a complete mastery of the subject.
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Safety has always been a concern of Maritime Industry. Therefore, it is essential to develop mooring systems that are adequate for intended service, with maximum integration of guidelines across a wide range of ship styles and sizes. The Mooring Equipment Guidelines published by the Oil Companies International Marine Forum are extensive. Ships have increased in size and mooring operations have significantly increased in complexity, almost a decade after releasing the MEG3.

The updated guidelines of MEG4, provide more insights on hardware designs, mooring dynamics, mooring line design, inspection, and discard criteria, including recommendations on mooring line strength & also covers topics such as fibre choice, linear density of the load-bearing core, special coatings, and material wear mechanisms.

Additionally, several new tests have been detailed throughout the MEG4 that require compliance from mooring line manufacturers to prove their lines are fit for mooring specified vessels.

Since today’s vessels rely on crew to manage critical operations & therefore keeping these operators safe requires the right procedures, equipment and training. Mooring lines play a vital role when berthing, whereas previous guidelines provided limited details in terms of requirements for safety and performance. The MEG4 give insights into the safe use of mooring lines and tails, placing more emphasis on selecting the right line with the right construction (the Select phase) and monitoring its conditions in use and discarding after use (the Operate phase).


This course aims to train the participant in safely and efficiently managing the mooring system and equipment on board their vessel. It covers topics such as the mooring system design, the mooring equipment arrangements/maintenance, the mooring lines and fittings inspection, the line management plan, and the relevant regulations and guidelines including the factors influencing the selection of mooring lines and their safe handling, maintenance and retirement meeting new industry best practice.

Duration: 1 day

Target Group: Maritime shore personnel, Technical and Marine Superintendents & Deck Officers.

Course Content:

  • Mooring types, characteristics & construction including usage & care of ropes
  • Factors affecting a rope’s service life
  • Mooring lines and fittings inspection
  • Maintenance of mooring equipment
  • Steel wire ropes construction, inspection, usage & care
  • Mooring System Management Plan, Line Management Plan
  • Ship Design Minimum Breaking Load, Line Design Breaking Force, Working Load Limit & FAQs