Ship-to-Ship Transfer Operation (Oil Tankers)

Ship-to-Ship transfer operation (Oil Tankers) is a highly critical and specialized operation. An incorrect understanding of the various factors affecting Ship Handling can lead to serious accidents and unnecessary claims.
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At IMTC, we intend to build up on the core concepts of ship handling in STS operation, through understanding the theory of ship handling and then applying this knowledge, practically by trying out different situations on the simulator (STS at anchor & underway STS). 

To achieve these objectives state-of-art Kongsberg 'K-SIM Polaris' Full-Mission Ship's Bridge Simulator is used. The Simulator is equipped with ship models, which replicate the manoeuvring characteristics of the ships during STS Manoeuver. 

Every participant is given the opportunity to carry out the exercise in order to gain practical experience of ship handling. 

Shipping companies will find this course helpful in giving invaluable knowledge and confidence to their staff when they practically carry out an STS operation on board.

 In addition topics such as equipments, fender requirement, safety, communication etc are also covered.

Course Objective: The objective of the course are:                                 

  • Participants will use a full-mission ship manoeuvring simulator to gain experience in ship handling related to STS operation & understand the correct use of helm and engine.
  • Understanding the effects of forces such as wind, current & interaction between ships.
  • Importance of a correct approach plan

Duration – 1 day

Number of Participants: 2

Target Group: Masters and Chief Officers

Course Contents:

Theory of STS operation:

  • Conditions, requirements & equipment.
  • Safety.
  • Communications
  • Manoeuvering, Mooring & Unmooring 

Simulator Exercises under different weather conditions:

  • STS at Anchor.
  • STS when underway.
  • Unmooring