Bridge Team and Resource Management (BTRM)

Despite having advanced technology and modern equipment on the ship’s bridge, navigation related accidents and incidents continue to occur.
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Poor Bridge teamwork and improper management of Resources has often been cited as one of the main reasons for these mishaps. This has compelled the maritime industry to have a closer look at the navigation practices being followed at sea. New processes and procedures are being implemented by Ship Operators to make Bridge Team and Resource Management more effective.

IMTC has designed the Bridge Team and Resource Management course to address this objective. A state of-the-art Kongsberg ‘K-SIM Polaris’ Full-Mission Ship’s Bridge Simulator is used to bring various aspects of good Bridge teamwork and management of Resource to the forefront which also includes core concepts of ship handling through theory as well as by using simulator exercises on the simulator. The simulator exercises are designed to enhance teamwork and aspects of resource management like communication, challenge & response, situational awareness, leadership and decision making, including optimum use of all available bridge equipment, etc.

Shipping companies will find that this course helps give invaluable knowledge and confidence to their staff in handling ship.  In addition, the course addresses the Bridge Team Management aspect, which is so crucial to safe navigation, covering the topics listed in STCW (2010) Manila Convention, Section A - VIII/2 and also includes relevant aspects of the IMO modular course 1.22.

Course Objective: Participants will use a full-mission ship manoeuvring simulator so that they will:

  • enhance their understanding of the effects on the behaviour of the ship, of wind, current, shallow waters, banks, narrow channel, condition of loading and apply the knowledge gained, for correct use of engines, helm and other available resources during ship manoeuvring
  • be able to proactively participate as members of an efficient Bridge Team using correct Bridge Procedures and respond effectively to changing circumstances and contingencies
  • gain a better understanding of the Bridge Resource Management principles

Duration: 4 days

Suggested Target Group: All Navigating Officers in charge of a navigational watch.

Course Contents: 

  • Review of basic principles
  • Bank, Channel and Interaction effects
  • Familiarization with bridge
  • Anchoring
  • Simulator Exercises based on Bridge Teamwork and Ship Handling
  • Wind and Current Effects
  • Shallow Water Effects
  • Cultural Difference
  • Communication
  • Crisis Management
  • Handling Stress and Fatigue