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    Triplets of the sea

    (Probably) The Only Seafaring Triplets in the World

    It's a bold claim but we certainly think they hold the title! So back in December of 2020, we introduced two captains to the world in one of our social media posts. The two identical brothers (so we thought!) managing sister cruise vessels were cycling about

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    shutterstock_543273616 (1)

    Wilhelmsen Ships Service expands Ships Agency network in Denmark with local office

    Wilhelmsen Ships Service has established a new local office for its Ships Agency business in Frederikshavn, Denmark in partnership with NorSea, starting 1st October 2020. Located South of Skaw, Frederikshavn is regarded as a strategically ideal place for handling

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    1600x900 team

    New shipping route between the Norwegian West Coast and Rotterdam

    Wilhelmsen is proud to announce that we have been nominated as general agents for a new line between the Norwegian West Coast and Rotterdam. As agents, we will mainly be handling port calls, but also acting as commercial agents, and as such will be offering

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    Crew - with steel water bottles

    From Plastic to Steel: Consciousness is a Matter of Substance

    Together with our crew, we move towards reducing single-use plastic water bottles onboard. Choosing the reduce plastics onboard The composition of plastic makes it one of the greatest environmental and marine life threat. The International Maritime Organisation

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    2020.03.04 Morning Lynn Bridge Team for Berthinh Yantai China

    Ship management during COVID-19 pandemic

    Wilhelmsen Ship Management shares proactive measures done to ensure uninterrupted operability of our fleet during the COVID-19 pandemic. In light of the evolving COVID-19 situation, we have implemented the following operational adjustments to secure the well-being

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    air tools safety

    Top 10 Tips For Using Air Tools Onboard Safely

    Air tools are vital to maintenance operations on board a vessel. However, they can be dangerous – and considering how often we use them, it is all the more important to ensure that we exercise safety precautions. Check out these top 10 tips on using these

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    IMO 2020 - Do we really know what are we getting ourselves into?

    believe it is essential that as an industry we address our environmental impact. But when it comes to the practical realities of meeting the IMO 2020 regulations, are we really that confident that we’re ready? Putting aside ongoing concerns on price and availability

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    Don't Forget the Filters!

    In the midst of making big IMO 2020 decisions, it is quite easy to overlook fuel filters. Filter blockages can result in time consuming manual cleaning for crew and damage to filter parts. Unitor UDF ultrasonic cleaner When it comes to IMO 2020, there have

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    Cybersecurity listing

    Building that cyber safety net in Wilhelmsen Ship Management

    Looking at Industrial Revolution 4.0 where electronic systems including unmanned vehicles, augmented reality, the Internet of Things (IoT), sensor technology, geo-spatial technology and artificial intelligence, the biggest threat to this advancement is cyber

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    dark sea

    Being prepared for increased threats at sea

    Maritime security will continue to remain in focus in 2020 in consideration of the increasing threat of West Africa Piracy, concerns to shipping in the Straits of Hormuz and Arabian Gulf due to tensions between US-Iran, and random piracy activity spikes in