Product information

This product supersedes product no: 670398

EU Ecodesign Compliant Welding Machine

The welding machine is supplied "without" any accessories. To order, include Part No. 670406 ACCESSORIES KIT F/UWI-230,-320,-500.


  • Stick electrode (MMA) with adjustable hot start and arc force for optimal welding properties
  • Lift-Arc TIG welding with remote control option for all welding processes, with total arc control both during welding and for the down-slope finish of the weld. Adjustable gas post-flow prevents faults in the end phase of the weld
  • Two machines can be linked in parallel for up to 1000 Amperes for Air Carbon Arc gouging
  • Voltage Reduction Device (VRD) function reduces open circuit voltage to only 9VDC which reduces risks of electric shock and electrocution to the lowest level
  • Built-in Total Protection (TP), Line-voltage compensation and Thermal overload protection
  • Made of high-grade aluminium casing that reduces weight and corrosion risks


  • Safe and compliant welding machine for maritime use
  • Heavy duty and superior reliability in tough maritime environment
  • 5-500A current range covers the use of any size of welding electrodes and two machines can be connetced parallel to provide 1000A
  • Multi-process welding with combination of UWF-102 Wire Feeder for wire welding
  • Spare part kit available easy repair and to minimise downtime