Product information

This product supersedes product no: 175901

Cable connectors must be insulated in such a way that the danger of handling or short-circuiting through the deck is reduced to a minimum.

This applies both to connected and unconnected parts. There should be no possibility of short-circuiting in connected plugs and sockets attached to cables, even if they should come into occasional contact with salt water. There must be good contact and little resistance at the contact areas and at the welding cable connections to the connectors.


  • 460 A at 60 % duty cycle
  • For cable size 35--70mm2


  • Accidental falling/tripping due to loose cables along decks, in ladders etc. is avoided
  • Accidental short circuiting somewhere along the often excessive lengths of live welding cables lying about is prevented
  • The need for replacement of damaged lengths of welding cable is eliminated
  • Manhandling of long welding cables, often more time consuming and strenuous than the actual welding job, is avoided
  • Permanently installed and correctly dimensioned cables ensure more efficient use of power from welding machine