Product information

For use with welding machines UWI-203TP, UWI-230TP AC/DC, UWI-320TP and UWI-500TP remember to order the convertion cable kit DIX25 Female to DIX 70 male connector product no: 526025.


Easy to use low voltage safety grinder. Connects straight in to your UNITOR welding machine with DIX 25 connectors. This gives you the advantage of only have to run one power cord for the welding machine, and you have power for your grinder in the same cable. If you want to use the UNITOR safety grinder on a UNITOR welding machine with a DIX 70 connector, we offer a complete conversion cable with DIX 25 female connectors for the grinder over to DIX 70 male connectors to fit the bigger machine.


  • No need for extra extention cables.
  • Low working Voltage (42V), limits the risk for operator to be electrocuted.
  • Safe to use in areas were extended risk of electrocution.