Product information

UWF-102 is delivered with 4m connection cables and hose for connection to UWI-500TP.

Adjustable wire spool friction brake and roll pressure setting for the feed system provides smooth feeding of both self shielded wires, gas shielded flux cored wires, and gas shielded solid wires..


  • Torch is not included with the unit
  • V-groove drive roll kit for use with 0,8-1 mm solid wire is installed
  • A self shield spool adapter is required for 1.6 mm self shield wire which is supplied in coils
  • Cable/hose extensions may be used between power source and wire feeder


  • Spool sizes 200 mm to 300 mm can be used
  • Takes wire sizes from 0.6 mm to 2 mm including flux-cored wires and gasless wires
  • Delivered with euro-connector for torch and 4 m connection cables and gas hose for connection to UWI-500TP
  • Drive roll kit for 0,8 mm wires are included with the feeder


  • Excellent heavy duty wire feeder especially when welding at a distance
  • Universal Euro connection for torch
  • Standard spools with 300 mm diameter are fitted vertically inside the wire feeder, fully protected