Product information

Fits all models from HPC 30/1, HPC 54/1 and HPC 67/1 and stationary systems. (Not air driven) To extend multiple hoses the Quick Coupling 546036 is required.


  • Internal hose: Synthetic rubber, extruded whole joints, of uniform thickness.
  • Reinforcement: 1 high tensile steel wire braids
  • External covering: Anti-abrasive synthetic rubber, resistant to oils, fuels and atmospheric condtions
  • Operating temperature range: from +5°C to 135°C / 155° intermittently


  • The hose is flexible and therefore easy for you to use when cleaning



Product name Product number Product catalog URL Bend radius [mm] Burst pressure [bar]
HEAVY DUTY HOSE 15 MTR 586792 https://www.wilhelmsen.com/product-catalogue/products/cleaning-equipment/mobile-high-pressure-cleaners/spares--accessories-for-hp-cleaners-150---220/heavy-duty-hose-15-mtr/?epieditmode=true 90 625 bar
HEAVY DUTY HOSE 25 MTR 586784 https://www.wilhelmsen.com/product-catalogue/products/cleaning-equipment/mobile-high-pressure-cleaners/spares--accessories-for-hp-cleaners-150---220/heavy-duty-hose-25-mtr/?epieditmode=true 90 625 bar


Exceeds EN 857 1SC - ISO 7751