Product information

The lance has 3 telescopic tubes which, when extended, slide out to a full length of 5,5m. Inside the sliding tubes the fluid is transported using a 3/8" hose which starts at the trigger and exits at the end of the lance in a quick connector. The quick connector enables rapid changing of the nozzle according to the task at hand- 25 for high volume or 0 for spot cleaning. The lance can be used with both the 10:1 and the smaller 2:1 chemical pumps as well as the high pressure cleaners.

**Typical set up**

Pump > Hose quick connector M & F > Heavy duty hose > Hose quick connector F & M > 5,5m lance > 25 nozzle


  • 3 telescopic tubes reach up to 5,5m
  • Light weight and easy to operate


  • Allows cleaning and access to elevated areas